• Signature Q&A: Meg Paul

    Meg Paul was born in 1961 at the naval hospital in Portsmouth, Virginia. The family moved to the Hub City in 1965 when her father joined Hattiesburg Clinic. She started kindergarten at Monte Vista Kindergarten (corner of Arlington Loop and South 31st). She attended Hattiesburg Public Schools, graduating from HHS in 1979. She later earned a B.S. in Special Education from Mississippi State and returned to Hattiesburg and taught in the HPSD. Paul has been married to the ultimate Golden Eagle, Joe Paul, since 1987.

  • Budokon: The Way of the Warrior Spirit

    Budokon: Interesting word. Broken down, Bu (warrior) – Do (way) – Kon  (soul) translates loosely to “the way of the warrior spirit.” At first glance, (as say, in the photo above), Budokon can appear as any other yoga class. When I arrived at Daniel Wise’s yoga studio, housed in the second story of athletic training facility Mississippi Elite, as a practicing yogi the set up was familiar – yoga mats, standard liability waiver, a soft unobtrusive playlist setting the tone for an active class. Aside from the astroturf flooring, all signs pointed to a typical yoga flow experience.

  • Maids and Dukes of the Mystic Krewe of Zeus

    On Feb. 9, the Mystic Krewe of Zeus gathered to crown King Zeus LXXVIII 
    and his Queen, and present the Maids and Dukes of the Royal Court.  


  • Royal Cruising

    Prior to sailing, the Krewe crowned the newest Monarch, King Zeus LXXVIII and his Queen.  The colorful and music-filled extravaganza was directed by Zeus LXXIV and his Consort, Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Stockton Messer Jr.

    Upon entering the theater, Krewe members and their guests were greeted by a drop screen, showing an elaborate cruise ship, ready for departure.  It created an aura of excitement as they settled in to begin their adventure.

  • The Signature Q&A: Jaime Jiménez

    Dr. Jaime Jiménez, 57, is Chief Vitreo-Retinal Surgeon at Southern Eye Center. He has completed more than 50,000 procedures in his career and was the first full-time retinal surgeon in South Mississippi. He has received numerous awards throughout his career and lectured on almost every continent. Dr. Jimenez has five children and two grandchildren and is currently engaged to be married. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling, riding motorcycles and listening to music. “Music has been with me since I can remember,” he said.

  • JAH Now Accepting Applications for Crown Club

     The Junior Auxiliary of Hattiesburg’s Crown Club is accepting applications for new membership from March 1 - 31. Open to high school girls entering their sophomore or junior year, Crown Club is an opportunity for young ladies to serve in their community. Currently in its third year, the organization has 45 members that currently represent five area high schools in Forrest and Lamar counties.

  • Meet John Wooton

    From all outward appearances, Dr. John Wooton sounds like he’s keeping his University of Southern Mississippi steel pan band to himself. The 40-member group meets at night in the basement of the Mannoni Performing Arts Center, plinking on bent pieces of various round metal objects.

    Oh, the band has numerous YouTube videos showing them playing on their steel pans. People who know steel pans know that Wooton’s band is outstanding.

  • Applications Being Accepted for Spirit Girls

    Each year, hundreds of young women from around Forrest General’s 19-county service area submit their applications and audition in hopes of joining the Spirit Girls program. The program offers an opportunity for young ladies to learn about positive self-esteem, the importance of taking action for their health and giving back. 

  • Frank's Circus

    Frances Palmer Allen Broome like most 10-year-olds enjoys a good birthday party just like the next person. But having an artsy  mother, like Abigail Lenz Allen, adds another element the mix. You never know what incredible outcome there might be. And when your birthday is on Halloween – Oct. 31 – that adds a whole other element to the party plans.

    Allen said every single year as Halloween approaches, Frances makes it very clear that she wants a carnival-themed birthday party.

  • Mystic Krewe of Zeus: Dinner Dance

    The Mystic Krewe of Zeus celebrated the beginning of the carnival season at its annual Dinner Dance on Saturday, Jan. 27, at the Lake Terrace Convention Center.

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