• Meet John Wooton

    From all outward appearances, Dr. John Wooton sounds like he’s keeping his University of Southern Mississippi steel pan band to himself. The 40-member group meets at night in the basement of the Mannoni Performing Arts Center, plinking on bent pieces of various round metal objects.

    Oh, the band has numerous YouTube videos showing them playing on their steel pans. People who know steel pans know that Wooton’s band is outstanding.

  • Applications Being Accepted for Spirit Girls

    Each year, hundreds of young women from around Forrest General’s 19-county service area submit their applications and audition in hopes of joining the Spirit Girls program. The program offers an opportunity for young ladies to learn about positive self-esteem, the importance of taking action for their health and giving back. 

  • Frank's Circus

    Frances Palmer Allen Broome like most 10-year-olds enjoys a good birthday party just like the next person. But having an artsy  mother, like Abigail Lenz Allen, adds another element the mix. You never know what incredible outcome there might be. And when your birthday is on Halloween – Oct. 31 – that adds a whole other element to the party plans.

    Allen said every single year as Halloween approaches, Frances makes it very clear that she wants a carnival-themed birthday party.

  • Mystic Krewe of Zeus: Dinner Dance

    The Mystic Krewe of Zeus celebrated the beginning of the carnival season at its annual Dinner Dance on Saturday, Jan. 27, at the Lake Terrace Convention Center.

  • King & Queen Fabian

    King Fabian III, Scott Nelson

    Scott Nelson is a native of Hattiesburg. He graduated from Hattiesburg High in 1972 where he was a member of the Tiger basketball state championship team. Deciding to stay in Hattiesburg, Scott attended the University of Southern Mississippi where he received a degree in business administration and later a bachelor’s degree in nursing. After living in Jackson Hole, Wyoming for several years Scott moved to Jackson, Miss., where on a blind date he met his lifelong soulmate, Pearl Signa from Greenville.

  • Signature Q&A: Vixon Sullivan

    What is your idea of happiness?

    Happiness is the fruit of self-acceptance, freedom of expression, and the ability to give and share.


    What is your greatest fear?

    Being restricted from enjoying life to the fullest. Especially through isolation and poor health.


    What is the trait you most deplore in yourself? At times, I let circumstantial resistance and other emotions impose on my confidence.


    What is the trait you most deplore in others?

  • #AllWeNeedisLove

    Robin Wentworth is a man about town who seemingly knows everybody. Some refer to him as the social chairman of Hattiesburg or the engineer who leads the party train. Others call him a rock star (both on and off the job), a fun, jolly and magnetic guy in every way who loves life (especially night life) and wants to be a part of everything. He’s known as someone who is full of life and celebrates it intensely.

    But the biggest kudo is being called a friend and there are many.

  • Modern Fit

    When a friend suggested I visit the Petal Family YMCA for my feature, I had to turn to Google maps to decide whether my schedule would allow me to commit to trekking across the bridge for workouts. Surprised to discover the non-profit was only 15 minutes (and one time when running late for a Toning Express class, a memorizing 12-minute jaunt) from my doorstep, I contacted Membership Coordinator Ginny Reynolds to schedule an orientation.

  • Elks Krewe Celebrates Mardi Gras

    The new Royalty are King Elk LII, Scott Miller of Oak Grove and Queen Elk LII, Pam Compton of Moselle.

    The evening began with the Krewe Cocktail Party. Guests were greeted by King Elk LI Ed Shaw and his spouse, Mary; Queen Elk LI Lou Murphy and Krewe Captain Mike Compton, and his wife, Pam. The theme for the evening was “Moonlight Masquerade.”

  • Meet Kat Spangler Kimmel

    For Kat Spangler Kimmel, everyone has a story to tell and she is happy to listen to them. Those stories allow Kimmel to learn more about the storyteller and to become a better person.

    The sign over her office door at University Baptist Church in Hattiesburg says, “Kat Spangler, Associate Minister.” She’s been at the church since 2013, but she recently married Tom Kimmel, a nationally-known songwriter and musician.

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