• Meet the Breadsmith girls

    Growing up, the two young girls looked up to their father, a local business owner. When they made it to college, the duo pursued the dream of owning a business of their own and graduated from William Carey University with degrees in business administration.

    Hattiesburg residents Stephanie Messina and Heather Bickham are the owners of the Breadsmith Hattiesburg location on Hardy Street. Breadsmith was voted Best Bread in 2016 Best of the Pine Belt voting. Voting begins for the 2017 competition on Jan. 14 (See story on Page 33 of this issue.)

  • Letters to Santa: Tess R. Smith

    Dear Santa,

    I am writing to you on behalf of the school district that I love. The Lamar County School District is blessed in so many ways. We have a dedicated school board, supportive parents, a hard-working staff and wonderful students.

    Is it a perfect business? Of course it is not, but LCSD works very hard to ensure that each May we put the best product on that stage to receive a diploma. Our students are our product, and we take great pride in what we produce.

  • Letters to Santa: Jim Coll

    Dear Santa,

    How are you? I trust that preparation is going well for the big day next month. Before we get to my wish list, I should warn you that my daughter Macy is once again asking for a real unicorn. I know that has been a challenge in the past. I have been looking as well, but have not had much luck. If you could pull that off, there is no doubt you would regain top status in the Coll home no matter how much chocolate the Easter Bunny carries with him next spring.

  • Letters to Santa: Mik Davis

    Dear Santa,

    As human being on this Earth, this marks the first year I simply do not know what to ask for.  While last year’s wish for a reasonable campaign season went unanswered – I will not ask to understand why. As I look around, I see that most of us struggle and we are also doing alright.    So to reiterate (and not suspiciously drive any point home), we are the fortunate ones.  It is only fitting that I ask that this be the year you enjoy the locally-made milk and cookies while we are out trying to help those less fortunate.

    –Mik Davis

  • Letters to Santa: Mike Lopinto

    Dear Santa,

    It’s me again, Mike, from FestivalSouth. Nothing much has changed here, except maybe a little perspective. Most of us are so blessed here, asking for much of anything seems downright greedy.

    I guess I’d ask that you open people’s eyes to the amazing things our area has to offer them. I hear people say all the time, “There’s nothing to do here.” Well, that’s just not true.

  • Polk-Ferrill house decks the halls

    Long gone are the dough ornaments that Debbie Ferrill’s sister so lovingly painted for her when she was newly married and had no children. These days the decorations Ferrill uses to adorn her home, the Polk-Ferrill house, during the holiday season are more befitting the home’s elegance and history.

  • Lacy, Taylor honored with Hub Award

    The Hub Award for 2016 honors two of Hattiesburg’s outstanding professionals and community leaders. Jan Lacy and Rick Taylor were honored with the prestigious Hub Award during a gala dinner and program at the Lake Terrace Convention Center on Nov. 15. Both Lacy and Taylor were honored for their outstanding contributions to the community, commitment to excellence and dedication to public service.

  • 2016 Debutantes

    The Hattiesburg Debutante Association will introduce 21 young women at its annual presentation program Saturday, Dec. 17, at the Saenger Theatre.

    A Debutante Ball will be held at the Hattiesburg Country Club following the presentation.

    The association started in 1952 as the Junior Cotillion of Hattiesburg and is celebrating its 64th season this year.

  • Meet Randy Thomley

    Randy Thomley figures he’s on the downhill side of Christmas for his business. And holiday shoppers who haven’t picked out a Christmas tree this year will probably see Thomley in the near future.

    Thomley, who owns and operates the Thomley Christmas Tree Farm and Gift Shop in Oak Grove, believes more than half of his business is done by Dec. 1. When the temperatures drop, so do the trees.

    “Some people, because of leaving town early or going offshore, will get their trees early, he said.

  • It's still a Beautiful Day

    It was a time before Ebay, Amazon and Etsy. Wal-Mart was holed up in northwest Arkansas and Target was just an insect repellent. Musicians sang without the help of auto-tune and electronic synthesizers had yet to replace the Hammond B3 organ. James Bond and Maxwell Smart were the only people capable of communicating on handheld devices. Hi-fi stereos and televisions were oversized pieces of living room furniture. We lived with rabbit ears and static, and all of the local radio stations signed off at midnight.

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