• Meet Brad Clark

    Meet Brad Clark

    Brad Clark, who has lived in Hattiesburg since the early ‘90s, has watched the music scene grow through the years. He played with several bands throughout that time and said the music scene in Hattiesburg had an underground feeling to it then. 
    Clark got his start playing music with the Wurlitzer organ in his living room. 

  • Hub City couple blends cultures

    Hub City couple blends cultures

    Love is a universal language. And while it may mean the same thing to most people, it’s as different as those it casts its powerful spell over. People celebrate this emotion in a plethora of ways. To each his own. And while it speaks the same language from one culture to the next, it celebrates              in a number of different and unique ways and even looks a bit different – Ou te alofa ia te oe (I love you – in Samoan), for example. In this instance, the love was worlds apart... or at least 6,293 miles or 10,032 kilometers.

  • Alysia Burton Steele

    Alysia Burton Steele

    Pulitzer Prize-winning journalism professor Alysia Burton Steele will appear at the Hattiesburg Cultural Center for two presentations on Saturday, Feb. 20. The first presentation will be 1:30 – 3 p.m., free and open to the public.  
    During her first presentation Steele will share excerpts and behind-the-scene stories from her book, "Delta Jewels: In Search of My Grandmother's Wisdom.” This book, just released in April 2015, is a tribute to African American church mothers from the Mississippi Delta and its surrounding regions. 

  • Krewe of St. Fabian

    Krewe of St. Fabian

    The Krewe of St. Fabian was formed in August of 2014 in order to build and sustain the Catholic Church of St. Fabian in West Hattiesburg and Lamar County. The Krewe is comprised of unselfish men and women of all faiths and professions joining together for the common benefit of St. Fabian Catholic Church, while building community among its members in the spirit of Mardi Gras.
    Their inaugural Mardi Gras Ball was held  Jan. 22 at The Barn at Bridlewood with the theme of Fabian Under the Big Top. King Fabian I is Tom Light, and Queen Belle 2016 is Jill Jordan. 

  • Meet Melissa Kelly-Hill

    Meet Melissa Kelly-Hill

    Melissa Kelly-Hill of Petal created Twelve Five Cakery with birthdays in mind. Her business is even named after her own birthday, Dec. 5, because she said most people think of birthdays when they think cake. 
    However, her business is expanding to take on a new challenge – wedding cakes. She calls herself a newbie when it comes to wedding cake decorating, but with 12 unique cakes for each ceremony, she is gaining ground in this new venture.

  • The Versus Difference

    The Versus Difference

    Triceps and biceps glisten and workout shirts have turned several shades darker due to perspiration, maybe better defined as true sweat. Tendrils of hair slowly escape the confines of pony tails and between repetitions are quickly pushed and tucked back. There are the sounds of kettle bells hitting the rubber floor surface, the rhythmic whack of a jump rope and the clank of weights as gravity pulls them back to earth.

  • Meet Benjamin Hughes

    Meet Benjamin Hughes

    A Hattiesburg resident began his journey to become an Iron Man nearly 15 years ago.
    As someone who grew up swimming, Ben Hughes first realized he wanted to try his hand at triathlons while as a lifeguard in college when he helped work some of the competitions.  
    “I just thought it looked like fun and decided to give it a try,” he said. 
    Hughes said to get started he talked to people who were already competing to get advice. He learned about how to train and what goes into preparing for races this way.

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