• Meet Eoin Redmond

    Meet Eoin Redmond

    Ireland, the birthplace of writer Oscar Wilde and Guinness beer, is also home to a local chef who has made his home in Hattiesburg. Originally from Ireland, Eoin Redmond came to the United States years ago, but it was quite a while before he moved to the Hub City. Redmond is the director of Food and Beverage Operations for the Hattiesburg Convention Commission.

    However, before he claimed that title, he was a chef living in New York working at a restaurant called Oceana.

  • Meet the Breadsmith girls

    Meet the Breadsmith girls

    Growing up, the two young girls looked up to their father, a local business owner. When they made it to college, the duo pursued the dream of owning a business of their own and graduated from William Carey University with degrees in business administration.

    Hattiesburg residents Stephanie Messina and Heather Bickham are the owners of the Breadsmith Hattiesburg location on Hardy Street. Breadsmith was voted Best Bread in 2016 Best of the Pine Belt voting. Voting begins for the 2017 competition on Jan. 14 (See story on Page 33 of this issue.)

  • Meet Elizabeth Porter

    Meet Elizabeth Porter

    The saying goes, “Do something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” For Elizabeth Porter, an attorney with a private practice in downtown Hattiesburg, her career has not only been a way for her to stay in the city she loves, but also a way to get closer to a lost loved one.

    “I’ve always loved Hattiesburg,” Porter said.

    Porter was named Best Attorney in 2016 Best of the Pine Belt voting. See January’s issue of Signature for an update on voting in the 2017 competition.

    She served as Forrest County Junior Miss and Hattiesburg Miss Hospitality.

  • Meet Randy Thomley

    Meet Randy Thomley

    Randy Thomley figures he’s on the downhill side of Christmas for his business. And holiday shoppers who haven’t picked out a Christmas tree this year will probably see Thomley in the near future.

    Thomley, who owns and operates the Thomley Christmas Tree Farm and Gift Shop in Oak Grove, believes more than half of his business is done by Dec. 1. When the temperatures drop, so do the trees.

    “Some people, because of leaving town early or going offshore, will get their trees early, he said.

  • Meet Chip Grenn

    Meet Chip Grenn

    Hattiesburg real estate agent Chip Grenn has garnered earlier awards before being named the 2016 Best of the Pine Belt’s Best Local Realtor. However, he admits that those days are a few years behind him.

  • Meet Keenon Walker

    Meet Keenon Walker

    Everyone has a unique story about what brought him or her to the Hub City and what has kept them here. Keenon Walker, an advocate for downtown Hattiesburg and supporter of the Spectrum Center, credits the diversity of the city for keeping him here through the years.

    Walker has lived in Hattiesburg for 11 years. He is an Orange Grove native, moving to the Hub City from the Gulf Coast in 2005, just before Katrina hit, to attend The University of Southern Mississippi.

    “And I’ve just kind of been here ever since,” Walker said. “I love this town. It’s so much fun.”

  • Meet Caroline Bradley

    Meet Caroline Bradley

    Sophomore English major Caroline Bradley is the Student Government Association president for the Hattiesburg campus of The University of Southern Mississippi. Bradley is an Honors College student and Emerging Leader recipient from Lucedale. She has a lot of plans and goals as the new SGA president.

  • Meet Dr. Suzanne McKee-Waddell

    Meet Dr. Suzanne McKee-Waddell

    Dr. Suzanne McKee-Waddell’s long history of working with exceptional students made her the clear-cut choice to serve as interim director of the Frances A. Karnes Center for Gifted Studies at The University of Southern Mississippi.
    During her 30-year career, McKee-Waddell has served in numerous educational roles in Mississippi. She has held various facilitator roles in the elementary, middle, and academically gifted classrooms of the state’s educational system, while also teaching undergraduate and graduate courses on the university level.

  • Meet Bradley Myers

    Meet Bradley Myers

    Bradley Myers of Hattiesburg comes by his beard honestly. In a family filled with facial hair, he followed the tradition of previous generations.

    However, as his beard got longer and he saw a need, Myers decided to develop a beard oil that would tame those unruly whiskers. So, for the past two years, he has been mixing the concoction and selling 1-ounce bottles of Professional Beard Oil in the Hub City area.

  • Go-getter leaves Hub City a better place

    Go-getter leaves Hub City a better place

    After living in New Jersey, Florida and Georgia, Catherine Lott made her home in Hattiesburg. A graduate of The University of     Southern Mississippi, she has worked for the past four years with the DuBard School. 

    Before beginning at Southern Miss, Lott interned with the Area Development Partnership while finishing her degree. Once she graduated, she wanted to stay on at ADP and work as an event planner. At the time, a position like that was not available. However, one was created for her and she became the special event coordinator and worked on events like Hubfest. 

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