• Signature Q&A: Vaeda Mann

    Vaeda Mann is 18 years old and the daughter of Mark Mann and Andrea Marx. She graduated from Oak Grove High School in 2015, and is now working and traveling as a freelance model. During the past two years, she's had the opportunity to work for designers in Chicago, Fort Myers, Miami, Nashville, Houston and New Orleans, and it was a dream come true to be seen in two issues of Seventeen Magazine.

  • Signature Q&A: Mik Davis

    Mik Davis is the record store manager at T-BONE's Records and Cafe and a GED instructor. At other stations of life, he has been a musician, writer and much more. However, he would much rather talk about music. Davis came to the Hub City in 1987 to attend USM, where he planned to study filmmaking. Instead he got a degree in American Studies, which he described as a catchall – poly sci, lit, music and reflects too many tastes. “And I haven’t left,” he said.

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