• Macbeth

    Hattiesburg Civic Light Opera brings the city’s first-ever Shakespeare in the Park production to the Historic Meador Homestead Oct. 12-15. 

    HCLO’s ‘Lagniappe’ production of Macbeth, Shakespeare’s shortest, and perhaps his bloodiest, tragedy marks a paradigm shift for the venerable organization, which has brought theatre to the Pine Belt for 42 years running.

  • What's in my bag?

    With football season in full swing, it’s time to put away your everyday handbag, and break out the clear one. Shoutout to Eve Marie’s boutqiue here in Hattiesburg for helping me find the perfect one! So, what are some of my game day essentials?

    Let’s start here...

    Yes, I carry a notebook and pen with me wherever I go. I’m an Art Director, so when inspiration hits, I am reaching in my bag and grabbing for these little beauties. I’m partial to Rifle Paper Co. and their designs. You can purchase yours at riflepaperco.com for $15

  • Dixie Darlings

    As the University of Southern Mississippi prepares for Homecoming 2017, a special group will return to campus, as in years’ past, to renew old acquaintances with friends they haven’t seen in 50 or more years and make new friends.

  • Southern Dressing....New York Style

    I remember when I first picked up my life and made the great migration from New York City to South Mississippi. I packed up my apartment and headed into unknown (but exciting) territory. I had never been to Mississippi and boy, did I have a lot to learn. One thing that I discovered very quickly – humidity. I had no use for my dozens of coats or collection of cashmere sweaters and snow boots that I had curated through the years working in the fashion industry. Don't get me wrong - I was happy to trade in the snow and the slush for fun in the sun.


    STEPHANIE D. WADE-MAY, Self Employed Vocational Expert, Psychological Counselor 

  • dapper dozen - group two

    TERRI BELL, Small Business Owner at B Communications, Inc & Pregar Construction

  • Dapper Dozen 2017 - Group One

    BONNIE WARREN, Community Volunteer 

  • ACS men’s movement sheds some color on breast cancer

    The American Cancer Society is hoping that Pine Belt men will help them “Harness the Power of Pink.”

    The ACS is bringing the Real Men War Pink fundraiser, which has been done across the country, to the Greater Hub City area.

    According to Carla Kyzar, ACS senior community manager, 25 men from all walks of life are being recruited to raise funds for the fight against breast cancer, the most common cancer diagnosed in women, and second only to lung cancer.

  • Piney Woods Picnic - Music To Your Ears

    The Piney Woods Picnic, still in its infancy, but growing rapidly each year, was established to create awareness for preservation of the Bouie and Leaf rivers, and the American music deeply rooted in the region right through the “birthplace of rock ‘n’ roll.”

  • Band takes its name from Walt Whitman poem

    When Americana springs to mind, one thinks about those events and ideas that are uniquely American. However, that can be a broad stroke of the pen. Based on the history of this nation, you would think that the songs themselves (not necessarily just their instrumentation) would encourage both examination and conclusion.

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