• New Year, New Perspective

    Photographer Jeff Davis of Petal has traveled the country on his motorcycle, photographing sites of interest. More recently he took up serious cycling with friends and saw the world from an even different perspective. Now, he’s picked up a camera and is capturing the things around him – from the French Quarter in New Orleans, to Gulfport Harbor, Mobile, Ocean Springs, Moss Point, Utica, Rodney, the Mississippi Delta, an alley in downtown Hattiesburg and the Friendly City with a unique eye. Many people ask about his locales.

  • It's a (wo)man's world: Bucket-list trip to the Galapagos Islands springs a leak amid the giant tortoises and blue-footed boobies

    We’d been warned about the Ecuadorian pickpockets, but not about the rocks. And ten days into the bucket-list trip we’d been dreaming of for months, my husband Doug and I were still giddy. The Amazon rainforest had been everything we’d expected—muggy, a little buggy, lush and exotic, day and night, and worth the trek for the bird and monkey sightings alone (though there was so much more!). Quito, Ecuador’s capital, had been a pleasant couple of days’ return to civilization—museums, chocolate tastings, and fine dining. Now we were in the Galapagos Islands!

  • From Uganda with Love

    Southern Miss graduate Lindsey Pellittieri sits in her tiny corner of the world in Gulu,Uganda. There have been many life changes since she moved from the Hub City to this rural village halfway across the globe, about 8,000 miles, give or take, and eight hours ahead of local time.

     It’s been a long time since she’s connected with the Hattiesburg area.

    But in this Northern Region village she’s learned not only about her own strengths, but the strength of Ugandan women and others around the world.

    The seed was planted some time ago, but has started to blossom.

  • Works of Clyde Butcher at LRMA

    The Lauren Rogers Museum of Art in Laurel presents America the Beautiful: The Monumental Landscapes of Clyde Butcher on display through Sept. 4. 
    Clyde Butcher’s photographs celebrate the beauty of the American landscape with a monumental size and extraordinary clarity that set them apart as exceptional works of art. Butcher continues the tradition of the 19th-Century Hudson River School painters, composing his works at strikingly beautiful and untarnished locations across the United States.