• The Potlikker Papers

    In John T. Edge's thoughtful history of Southern food and culture, the former emerges as a lingua franca used to carry the culture of the South all over the world. The Potlikker Papers offers an unobstructed view of the positive and negative events that led the South into its modern appreciation. His years of research and careful attention to detail truly make this book one that needs to be savored like a classic Southern dish.

  • Kelly Lee Owens, Sneaks using minimal music

    Women dominate the pop charts. Even though you know many of these artists by just one name, they are all multi-hyphenates spreading their talents across the entire realm of entertainment. However, Indie music seems to push women toward strumming guitars and trying to be the next Joni Mitchell. Sneaks and Kelly Lee Owens are two artists who seem to eschew guitars all together and pursue using minimal music to ensure that their artistry stands well above everyone else.

  • Music lineup announced for 2017 Best of the Pine Belt Award Show

    The musical lineup has been finalized for the 2017 Best of the Pine Belt Award Show and this year's batch of local artists represents the best of local music.

    Topping the list of performers at this year's revamped (and shorter) award show is Grammy Award nominee Vasti Jackson, who will make his first apperance on the Best of the Pine Belt Stage. Jackson, who tours internationally, will perform a track from from his nominated album, The Soul of Jimmie Rodgers. 

  • Hattiesburlesque gears up for a night of sexy fun

    Hattiesburlesque is gearing up for a brand new show this month and from the looks of it, it promises to be the best one yet.

    "We are thrilled to introduce eight new dancers who will be joining 12 of the original cast members for this show," said Rebecca Chandler, one of the creators and choreographers of this local phenomenon that began more than three years ago.

  • MOD: The creation and ongoing evolution

    "Fashion is what one wears oneself. What is unfashionable is what other people wear." - Oscar Wilde

    Mod Music and Mod Culture are simply inseparable. Like the twisted double helix which contains all of our necessary information, the ongoing traits and their continuing combination and mutation continue to recreate a style that is uniquely individual even as you see everyone trying to imitate it.

  • Pine Belt record label promotes talent

    A deal with the devil is not a conversation you’re likely to hear in polite company. In fact, it’s probably not a conversation you’re going to hear in any type company. That is, unless you’re a musician. And then you’re all over it. You’ll talk about it to just about anyone who is willing to listen and more than likely, try and get them to make the same sweet deal… the same sweet deal.

  • Paul Johnson is pushing toward his goals

     “It's hard to beat a person who never gives up.”
    – Babe Ruth


    Jones County born and bred, Paul Johnson is a hard rock Horatio Alger.  On the cusp of his new release, ‘Give Up The Ghost,’ this month, Johnson is unrepentant in his optimism and driving harder than ever toward his goals of musical recognition and stardom.

  • Desert Island Dozen

    Pack your bags, and let WUSM take you on a musical journey with some of the ’Burgs most unique personalities. 

    The Desert Island Dozen is back from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. Tuesday, March 7, through March 9. Each of the musical tour guides will journey with you through 12 songs they would take with them to the corners of the earth, making each hour a musical vacation for listeners the world over.

  • Take the journey

    As we begin this new year, we look (and listen) to everything with an undercurrent of optimism. A brief breather for the holidays and we dive back into the flood of music with passion restored. However, I would like to restore another facet of passion.

  • A look back

    I would like to begin with a word of caution. This column is not demonstrative of any loss of my faculties. Nor is it meant to shock or frustrate. It is a large, sincere part of a musical coming to terms. Finally, being December and months away from the first day of April – it is certainly not a joke. Having said all of that, you are free to laugh – in fact, it is encouraged, because I hope to shine the light on a time in music that we have too long ridiculed.


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