• Accessorize: Reinvent your wardrobe with three simple steps

    On occasion, I think we can all get a bit bored with our wardrobe. That’s not to say that some of us don’t have a closet full of clothes, shoes and accessories, but sometimes it feels like you just don’t have anything to wear, or you’ve worn everything you own too many times and you’re over it.

    I have definitely fallen into this slump before.

    I have my winter sweaters, summer dresses, fall booties and spring sandals, but I also have pieces that I am able to wear year-round. Sometimes, I can feel myself wearing them too many times and I get bored with said pieces.

  • Out with a bang: Look fabulous as you ring in the new year

    Hey there, fashionistas! Sorry for the hiatus! I’ve been a busy gal the last couple of months with a new job and planning a wedding, but I am happy to report that I am back! That being said, let’s jump right into this month’s column…

  • Pottery Presents: Arc clients mold unique treasures for holiday gift-giving

    The elves at the Arc of Southeast Mississippi have been very busy working to get unique pottery items crafted and ornaments made in time for Christmas gift giving and trimming of the tree.

    The Arc is a United Way non-profit organization devoted to providing community-based services to individuals with mental challenges and their families.

  • On the record: Rebecca Chandler

    Some people feel like they have no choice but to create and be creative. Southern Miss grad Rebecca Chandler is one of those people.

    We can only speculate what pushes a person to express themselves publicly, but it's these people who are responsible for the propagation of our culture and without these talented individuals, society would stagnate.

    Visual artists and musicians that we hold in high esteem are typically at the forefront of the performing lifestyle, but there are many more forms of art.

  • Steel Magnolia: Makeup maven has strong Hub City foundation

    Janet Gurwitch has had the opportunity to do some amazing things during her career. She’s rubbed elbows and dined with the rich and famous. She created and sold a multi-million dollar cosmetics company. She’s held her own against some of the top labels in the country. She’s part owner of a Major League Baseball franchise. 

    Gurwitch wasn’t shipped off to some fancy boarding school. She didn’t further her career by studying within the hallowed halls of the Ivy League. She had a desire and a drive to make something of her life.

    And it started in Hattiesburg.

  • Noteworthy: Hey, DuDE!

    There are but a handful of words in our esteemed lexicon that have traveled the circuitous path from slang to colloquialism to vaunted positioning in the hallowed papyrus pages of the Oxford Dictionary. 

    "Cool" resides here possibly because of its panoply of meanings. Defined as "fashionably attractive or impressive," it still bears the dreaded "informal" moniker and places in third among meanings. (One of today's vast array of equivalents, "dank," still has its original definition still attached. Although "hangry" made it.)

  • What to Wear: BOPB Award Show

    It’s that time again, folks! It’s time for the annual Best of the Pine Belt Awards Show! Every year I get the same question: “What do I wear?”

    Well, the answer is quite simple, really. Wear whatever you’re comfortable in!

  • Mama Glenda knew best

    Truth be told, my brother and I were impeccably-dressed children. Our uniforms were ironed each morning, every hair on our heads was perfectly in place, our shoes were spotless, and we never stepped foot outside of the house with an untucked shirt.

    All of this, thanks to my mother.

    She instilled in us at an early age that we must be presentable and put together in order to be taken seriously in life, and that first impressions are indeed lasting impressions.

  • What's in her closet: Trends that Should End

    I sure love all of this color I’m seeing with the latest spring fashions that have emerged across all of my social media pages in the last couple of weeks. 

    My beloved favorite color – black – may be taking a back seat for a while. I feel like I don’t even know who I am anymore. 

    While the color black will forever remain my favorite, I cannot help but love the Pantone Color of the Year, “Living Coral,” and all of the colors that go along with this year’s spring looks.

  • About the shoot: SULLIVAN BARN

    Sullivan Barn in Eastabuchie is a dream come true for the Sullivan Family. For more than 10 years The Sullivans imagined a barn that matched their enthusiasm and love for quarterhorses. 

    Two years from the first load of dirt to the last nail driven to completion, Sullivan Barn has exceeded the dream of its' owners, Glen and Shelley Sullivan.

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