• Bianchi's has unique, fresh offerings on old favorites

    One of the great ironies of working in the food industry is that you rarely get to eat in a restaurant. You work when other people are eating, and eat when other people are sleeping. 
    On your days off, you relish the chance to cook something for yourself, if you have the energy. If not, takeout is the name of the game. Sit-down meals in restaurants are few and far between. Sit-down meals in restaurants with your spouse are even more rare. 

  • Leo's Cuban Kitchen

    In the two decades we have lived and cooked in Hattiesburg, we have learned this to be true – Hattiesburgers love to eat. Whether making a mad dash to get to the Downtown Farmer’s Market before all the choice tomatoes are sold, debating where to get the best shrimp po-boy, or indulging in our love of any and all things topped with Creole cream sauce, we come alive around food. 

  • Eateries helping residents eat healthy

    From meal replacement smoothies to cool drinks billed as immune builders, it’s pretty safe to say that Smoothie King is looking out for your well being. 
    As the fastest-growing smoothie franchise company with more than 700 stores worldwide, they are well on their way. And Travis Bolster, of Hattiesburg, who owns and operates the two local businesses, along with Qdoba Mexican Grill, is doing his part.
    Fitness Blends. Slim Blends. Wellness Blends. Energy Blends. And even blends to Take a Break, Smoothie King believes they have the right smoothie to fuel your unique purpose.

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