• Mercury Pizza brings fresh, fast pizza

    Gas station pizza. It’s the kind of thing you eat when you are on the road, hungry and limited in options. It sits like a brick in your stomach, and more often than not turns out to be a bad idea.

    It certainly doesn’t call to mind exciting flavors, imported ingredients and precision execution.

    But we’re going to ask you to take everything you know about gas station pizza, ball it up nice and tight and throw it away. Go ahead. Get rid of it.

  • Plaid Rhino: Good people, great food

    Scenario: You’re getting together with family – a pretty big, multi-generational group WITH kids. You’re going out to dinner without a reservation. You want time to catch up with the grown folks, but Grandpa’s been sneaking sugar to the kids all day, and they are bouncing off the walls.

    Someone’s feeling salady, someone else wants a burger, and your sister’s kid will only eat chicken fingers. Your brother-in-law has a hankering for pancakes that won’t go away, and your cousin has gone Paleo.

    Where to go?

  • 350 Degrees Bakery

    Crunch time is here, folks. We are neck deep in holiday shopping, visits with family and friends, candle lightings and Christmas pageants. We’re spending our spare time making lists, hanging lights and driving over the river and through the woods, so to speak. One thing we aren’t doing? Arriving at Grandmother’s house empty-handed.

    To grandmother’s house we go

    When you cook and everybody knows it, showing up at a family function without a foil-wrapped dish - well, we just don’t do that, lest we earn some serious side-eye from the relatives.

  • The Depot Coffeehouse and Bistro

    Have you been to The Depot Coffee House and Bistro lately? If so, you might have noticed the joint has been spruced up – a fresh coat of cheerful orange paint, new light fixtures and handmade tabletops, a sparkling set of dishes and bright bouquets of flowers from neighboring Blooms.

    All signs point to one thing – new energy fuels The Depot.

    The source of that energy? Chef Josh Casper, who took over during the change of ownership in May 2015.

  • A Gulf Coast dining experience

    What does it mean to constantly innovate? How does it feel to put yourself in front of decisions that can make all the sense in the world to some people, but feel questionable to others?
     In the restaurant business, innovation is the controversial balancing act of creating something that you’re proud of while meeting the expectations of the patrons who facilitate growth.

  • Chef shines light on eating healthy

    “Your cholesterol is high, so you need to go on a low-fat diet and we’ll check it again in a year.”
    Like it or not (I didn’t like it), that’s exactly what the nurse who reviewed my recent lab work told me. 
    It was not the most specific advice, so it sent me to the Internet in a googling frenzy:
    High cholesterol
    How to lower cholesterol
    Foods that lower cholesterol
    Does a diet of mostly flour tortillas and cheese cause high cholesterol? 

  • Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Fresh Figs by Chris Hackbarth


    4 small sweet potatoes
    5 tbsp olive oil
    3 tbsp balsamic vinegar
    1 1⁄2 tbsp superfine sugar
    12 green onions, halved lengthwise and cut into 1 1⁄2 -in segments
     1 red chile, thinly sliced
    6 ripe figs, quartered
    5 oz soft goat’s milk cheese
    sea salt
    freshly ground black pepper



  • South Bound Bagel

    The center table at SouthBound Bagel and Coffee Shop is one of our favorite spots in all of Hattiesburg. 
    We love to savor a long drink of their strong, dark coffee and take in the view. 
    Located downtown at the corner of Front and Mobile Streets, the windowed dining room at SouthBound looks out at the train tracks and neighboring businesses. 

  • Strick's focuses on food, family and fun

    Late October, 2006. Just more than a year after Hurricane Katrina, when storm refugees started to vacate the local hotels they’d called home for so many months, both sides of our sizable family gathered in Hattiesburg to celebrate our wedding. 
    Our wedding was casual – no need for a rehearsal. Not the kind to miss an opportunity for a big meal, we went ahead and had a rehearsal dinner anyway. 
    Folks traveled from as close as the Delta and as far away as Seattle, and they were hungry.

  • Movie Star keeps families coming back for more

    We have a huge extended family. Between the two of us, we have four living parents and step-parents, eight siblings (including in-laws), upwards of 25 aunts and uncles (NOT counting in-laws), and somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 first cousins. We have never been able to make an exact count. 
    We came into our marriage with the understanding that we’d try to learn the names of all the great aunts, but probably fail, and that Thanksgiving dinner would always have a guest list of at least 30. 

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