• Food with Friends: Twisted Skillet

    In our latest adventure, the Food with Friends crew ventured out to the Oak Grove community in West Hattiesburg for dinner at Twisted Skillet.

    Since Evan was busy being a comedian that evening, we invited our friend (and Brittany’s boyfriend) Jessie Vasser to join us for the food and good times along with our V.I.P. (Very Important Palate) for the month – the one and only Greg Prine.

    I ate at Twisted Skillet for the first time about two years ago with fellow foodie, Jamie Massengale. We went specifically to enjoy their popular salad bar for lunch. 

  • MEET Marty Anklam: Purple Parrot's new chef

    The Purple Parrot has a new chef, only the sixth in its 32-plus years. Marty Anklam, who arrived on the scene in the spring, has had time to get his feet wet – having survived Mother’s Day and graduation weekends and a south Mississippi summer, helping launch a catering division and a new fall menu for the Parrot and feeding more than 600 at a recent fraternity tailgate at Mississippi State.

    A Mississippian by birth, his parents moved to Washington, D.C., when he was just 18 months old (not much say in that).

  • Top Chefs: Movie Star Restaurant

    Glenda Evans
    Glenda is 38 years old and is the daughter of Earlene and Glen Evans. She was born in Covington County but grew up in Purvis. She currently lives in Hattiesburg and has one daughter, Diamond, who is 11. Before coming to work at Movie Star Restaurant, Glenda worked at the Ward’s in Purvis. She has worked at Movie Star for 19 years. When she first was employed at Movie Star she started out washing dishes. She has worked every position in the kitchen from prep, to buffet runner, to fry cook and is currently one of three main chefs at the restaurant.

  • Eat like Celebrities at Movie Star

    All of the other groups went the standard (read: boring) route of explaining the Pythagorean theorem or SOHCAHTOA with some poster board and letters cut out from other colors of poster board. I convinced (read: refused to accept anything but) my group to do our project on spirals. That’s it. Just spirals. And we weren’t making a poster. We made a video.

  • Meet Your Neighbor: Carmen Ford

    Most people in Hattiesburg – especially those in downtown – are familiar with Carmen Hardy Ford and her culinary prowess at Gratefull Soul, the restaurant on Main Street she owns with her husband, Grant.

    But if not for a change in pace during college, Carmen may have returned to her hometown of Philadelphia  – with a much different career path.

    “I was actually going to go and do casino hosting (after college),” she said. “Philadelphia has the Choctaw Indian casinos, and that’s what I was going to do – go back and manage the casino.”

  • Half Shell

    It was the first day of fall in southern Mississippi and still in the balmy 90s. After our usual group texting to make sure everyone was available, the Food with Friends had once again assembled to do our favorite thing – enjoy each other’s company over delicious food.

    For this month’s magical episode, we had to take our dear sweet Allison Neville across highway 59 out to West Hattiesburg, but we assured her it was worth it as we were travelling to Half Shell Oyster House.

  • Chesterfield's: A Hattiesburg Tradition

    Photos by Rob Walker (Walker Photo Works)

    When it comes to Hattiesburg traditions, none compare to those of eating delicious food at local restaurants. In the late ’90s, my brother was attending The University of Southern Mississippi and my mother would bring me with her to visit him on occasion. We always had dinner at Chesterfield's, when it was located by the college.

    Food With Friends’ latest excursion was to take on a true Hattiesburg staple in Chesterfield's at its relatively new location on Highway 98. And my goodness, they really rolled out the red carpet for us.


    In the summer, the most important thing when it comes to beer is hydration. Mississippi-legal beer can be no less than 89.8 percent WBV (water by volume), so the odds are good that almost any beer you drink will help you stay hydrated, generally. But on these dog days of summer, nothing goes better with yard work than a lager. And so, for July, we offer you Sierra Nevada Sierraveza.

  • Take a slice into Two Watermelon Beers

    This month we feature two outstanding examples of the Gose style – one from Terrapin in Atlanta, the other from Founders Brewing in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Both are made with watermelon; both delicious. Here’s the breakdown:
    Gose is a German style, born on the river Gose, in the Harz mountain town of Goslar. Traditional gose has a 50 percent malted wheat content, and is flavored with salt and coriander. It was brewed commercially until the end of the Second World War, when the Iron Curtain and the Berlin wall destroyed the markets. 


    Jacob Leinenkugel founded his brewery in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, in 1867, making it the seventh oldest continually operating brewery in the U.S. and the oldest business in Chippewa Falls. Leinenkugel was for most of its history a traditional brewer of German-style ales and lagers, but is now chiefly known for its fruit beers. One of its biggest sellers is the Summer Shandy, which is available both in glass bottles and in tallboy cans for your river experience.

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