What's in my Closet: Skincare Edition

Hello and Happy New Year, fashionistas! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. With it being the new year, I wanted to shake things up a bit and start this month with something a little different to what I have normally done in the past. I’d like to take this month’s piece and focus on one thing… skincare. Yes, you read that correctly. This month, I am going to give you guys a breakdown of what skincare products I use and what they are specifically used for, as well as go through my daily and nightly skincare routine.

 Gone are the days of sleeping in my makeup and still looking radiant when I wake up. I can’t even think about sleeping in my makeup without breaking out. And wrinkles? Don’t even get me started on the crows feet and laugh lines. I keep telling myself the only reason I have those two problem areas is because I have laughed and smiled a bunch in my 29 years of being on this Earth. The trips to the tanning bed certainly didn’t help either, but, we all do things when we are young and dumb. (And now a moment of silence for my once youthful looking skin). Thankfully, I have an arsenal of products to help with my skin these days. You will see throughout this article that I am a bit partial to Olay and Young Living products because they work for me. I am in no way telling everyone that they should ditch their skincare routines and stick to this one. As the saying goes, “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.”  With that being said, let’s take a look… 

 I have unfortunately used some cleansers in the past that have made my skin incredibly dry and flaky. The one that has been my saving grace during the last couple of years has been my Olay Gentle Clean Foaming Cleanser. The formula is gentle enough for my sensitive skin, but also washes away any impurities and leaves my skin feeling fresh without drying it out. 

The second step in my morning routine is using a toner. I have used several great toners, but the one I am partial to the Eau Roma Water (the rose water one) from Lush Cosmetics. The rose water gently soothes, moisturizes, and balances my skin. It’s also great that Lush only uses natural ingredients in all of their products, so I know I’m not putting anything harmful on my face. 

Next up is moisturizer. Let me preface this by saying I have used this moisturizer since day one of applying makeup and moisturizing my skin, and I will most likely never change. My grandmother uses it, my mother uses it, and I use it. Are you ready for the big reveal? It’s Olay’s Moisturizing Face Lotion for Sensitive Skin, and if you ever see me applying another moisturizer to my face, I am more than likely signaling for help. The formula is not sticky by any means, but lasts all day. It also helps that Olay has now begun to put SPF 15 in their moisturizers, so I basically get my moisturizer and daily dose of facial SPF all in one. Which, if you guys didn’t already know, is kind of important. 

After the moisturizer and SPF combo, I use a makeup primer before applying my foundation. Choosing the perfect primer for my skin has been tricky. Some are incredibly dense, leaving my skin feeling greasy, while others have done nothing at all but break me out. While I like the idea of being able to walk in to a store and pick up any primer and use it on my skin, it’s just not in the cards for me. Through several trial and error attempts, I have settled on Bare Minerals’ Original Prime Time primer. The formula works great on my skin and does not leave me feeling like I have something caked on my face an inch thick. And for the $25 price tag for the big bottle, I’m thankful a small amount goes a long way. If you’re not wearing makeup that day, I would advise skipping this step. Or don’t. It’s totally up to you (and your skin type). 

For nighttime skin care, my routine changes a bit. I wash my face with the cleanser I mentioned above, but also use a few other products that work throughout the night to help my skin’s appearance and complexion. 

Not all exfoliants are created equal. Again, I have unfortunately found out the hard way about exfoliants and my skin. I bought one once and it nearly rubbed my face raw because it was so abrasive. Yes, it was THAT bad. I love a good exfoliant, and one I have sworn by for the last two years is Young Living’s Satin Mint Facial Scrub. It’s a non-abrasive facial scrub, which leaves my skin GLOWING and looking (and feeling) younger. I always like to use this product at night before applying my nightly moisturizer and creams. Like most facial scrubs, try to exfoliate only once or twice a week.

As much as I don’t want to admit it, I am an eye cream user. For whatever reason, it makes me feel old to admit that I use an eye cream, but I digress… My favorite so far has been Young Living’s Wolfberry eye cream. It has a hefty price tag of $62.50, but it lasts a long time and a little bit goes a long way. I like that the ingredients are natural and the formula does not cause me to break out, or cause the skin around my eyes to swell. (I had to find that out the hard way AGAIN with another eye cream. Thank goodness for steroid shots). 

As I said above, laugh lines and crows feet are now a thing, so I make sure to use a wrinkle cream before bed. I have used Olay’s Age Defying Classic Night Cream. It’s lightweight and I don’t have to worry about a face full of gunky cold cream while I sleep. I have also added a few oils of my own that I know help with my skin – Lavender and Frankincense. They not only help with fighting fine lines, they also help with firming my skin and moisturizing as well. Please note not all oils are created equal. Young Living and DoTerra brand are best suited for being applied topically. (Tip: Add one drop of Lavender to a new tube of mascara to promote lash growth. You’re welcome!).

And there you have it. My skincare routine in a nutshell. I’m sure your head is spinning, but please remember to take care of your skin. And if you are feeling overwhelmed, I will leave you with this; ALWAYS moisturize and wear sunscreen.

Carly Hazlip is the Fashion Columnist for Signature Magazine. You can most likely find her crying in the wrinkle cream section of any beauty store. 



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