What's In My Closet: Game Day Edition

Open my closet and you will notice one thing right off the bat… LOTS of black. It has always been a favorite color of mine, and I feel like I can do so much with it. Thankfully, my alma mater’s colors are black and gold (Southern Miss To The Top!), so I already had a nice stockpile of black clothing to choose from.  With football season in full swing, and local boutiques stocking up on the cutest game day attire, it’s hard not to want to buy one of everything in the stores. I am the worst about striking up conversations with the sales associates over by the jewelry counters and buying one too many game day accessories, and completely forgetting why I went inside the store in the first place. I guess you could say I am easily distracted… Thankfully, that hasn’t happened in a while, but I am officially running out of room for any more jewelry…and clothes…and shoes… which makes me sad, but’s that a story for another day. With that being said, I opened my closet door and pulled out anything black and gold—this included tops, pants, tees, dresses, shoes, jewelry, handbags…all of it. My significant other came home from work and saw the mess I made in the bedroom and immediately shut the door and softly said from the other side, “It looks like a bomb went off in there. Let me know when it’s safe to enter.” I told him he might want to make himself at home in the living room, because I was going to be a while.” 

So, what are some of my favorite game day pieces? Let’s start here… 

Dresses (of appropriate length)
I am a sucker for a (longer) T-shirt style dress. I recently saw where some girls refuse to wear any type of dress to a football game. I laughed. A lot. The heat can almost be unbearable down here, especially at an afternoon game, so if you’re able to wear a dress in a lighter material and safely climb stadium steps and get away with it, go for it. 

Again, if you are able to climb stadium steps in it, go for it. I have seen several cute options around town.

Comfortable shoes
Some girls wear high heels every single day. Some girls wear high heels to every football game. I am not one of those girls. I tried it ONCE in college and immediately regretted it. Now that I am a seasoned tailgating veteran, I wear comfy shoes to any outdoor sporting event where the ground may be uneven. Twisted ankles do not look good on anyone. Oftentimes I will reach for a pair of cute sandals when it’s still hot out, or a pair of riding boots or booties when it gets cooler. And of course, I always have my trusty Converse Chuck Taylors close by. 

School spirit shirts
You know the ones. The T-shirts you can buy at the closest college campus store. Sometimes dressing up for a football game sounds like the worst idea ever, especially when it’s scorching outside (even though it’s basically frowned upon for not dressing up on game day down here in the South). I always like to buy a size bigger and tie the excess in a knot at the left side of my hip. In my head, it looks much cuter than wearing a baggy T-shirt. And as always, you can totally dress up a T-shirt with the right pants, shoes and the right accessories. 

As I stated in a previous article, I am a sucker for a good sweater, and I am so super happy to see all of the different styles this season. I already have a slouchy sweater and camisole combo ready to go for a cold weather game. That being said… Please, for the love, do not be that person who wears a sweatshirt in 90- degree weather. Nobody wants the halftime performance to be you getting carted out of the audience and into the back of an ambulance due to a heat stroke. If you want to wear it that badly, turn down the thermostat at home and stay in. 

Because we are in the South and jeans sometimes are just too dang hot. 

A game day outfit in the South is not complete without accessories. Bracelet stacks, layering necklaces, even your Mom’s pearl earrings, all of these are acceptable on game day. Just make sure you don’t over do it. Sometimes, simplicity is best. 

Carly Hazlip is the Fashion columnist for Signature Magazine. She promises to never wear Mississippi State gear while cheering on the Golden Eagles.