What's in Her Closet? Fall Wardrobe Staples

Grab your Pumpkin Spice Latte and light your favorite Fall scented candle, folks. My favorite season is slowly approaching and I could not be more excited! While fall weather in the south doesn’t really start until the end of October, I have decided to take a peek into my closet in order to prepare. Let’s take a look… 

On some Fall days, it’s warmer than others here in the South. While the idea of slipping on a pair of riding boots may seem like a good idea first thing in the morning, by noon you will often times find yourself hosed in sweat. Booties are a great alternative to full length boots. They’re stylish, come in several heel heights, colors, patterns, and materials, and can be worn with jeans, dresses, and even leggings.

I am a firm believer that you can dress up and dress down a good sweater, especially one in a neutral tone. All you need is a good shoe and the right accessories. Comfy night in? Done. Happy Hour with the girls after work? Done. 

Layers, you guys. I love layering outfits, and with cardigans, the possibilities are endless. They come in TONS of different styles, fabrics, etc. I can honestly say I probably own more cardigans than Mr. Rogers. 

Are you surprised? I am so super excited to wear all of my flannels again. Whether you’re sitting around a fire with friends, or going to see your favorite band, flannel is always a Fall must-have in my book. I like to pair mine with my distressed denim jeans and black booties.

Again with the layers. These are perfect for football games, lounging, and again, can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. On warmer days, you can pair one with a scarf made of a lighter material, or layer it with your favorite vest, jacket, or cardigan on colder days. 

Not every fall outfit has to be a pants outfit. Some of the cutest dresses I own are made for fall weather. That being said, some days are cooler than others and require leggings under dresses. I don’t know about you guys, but sometimes the thought of me fighting my actual pants into my jeans is enough to make me want to wear a dress with leggings. Sidenote: Leggings are not pants. I will stand by this until the end of time.

Leave the colorful and bold statement necklaces for Spring and Summer. Smaller chains and earth tones are better suited for colder weather.

I love to channel my inner Beth Bunch when I purchase a scarf. When I am piecing together an outfit that requires a scarf, I say to myself, “Which one would Beth wear?” I have far too many, in far too many shades, patterns, and materials. On colder days, reach for the cable knit and bundle up. While we hardly ever see “cold days” here in the south, lighter materials can be perfectly paired with a layering tee and denim jeans (or even shorts).

Some days I just don’t want to wear high heels or boots. And believe it or not, some of my fall outfits look better with flats. If you’re looking to save a buck or two on footwear, Target always has a great flats selection this time of year. I buy at least one pair in every color the store has to offer, because, well, I am a woman and I need options…

Some people will probably argue with me on this one, but if Chambray is paired correctly with the right pieces, it can definitely be a fall wardrobe staple. Just don’t wear it with white pants in the middle of November. That’s a no-no. 

Carly Hazlip is the Fashion Columnist for Signature Magazine. She will most likely drink her weight in Pumpkin Spice Lattes this Fall.