What’s in my Closet: Fashion items I am Thankful For

I wasn’t sure where to start when writing this. Some days inspiration hits and I picture myself looking like Stephen King writing his next great thriller. You know; crazed looks and fingers moving so swiftly across the keyboard that everything around you becomes hazy and 100 percent of your focus is on writing. Some days I have to sit in my bedroom with the closet door open and stare into what seems to be a pit of black clothing.

This piece is definitely the child of the latter of those two things I mentioned above. I opened my closet door and sat down on my bed and just stared. Luckily, I had Elvis the Cat to help me out. Any time I open my closet door, he sees it as an invitation to jump in and climb around on my luggage I have stowed away, and occasionally swat at the blue sequined top with shoulder pads I have hanging in there. You know, because that is a normal piece of clothing to own these days… (Thanks, Mom!)

In the process of trying to retrieve the cat from the depths of my closet, I discovered a couple of items I have been handed down and that have special meaning to me, and items I love dearly and wear often. And then it hit me. I should totally write about the pieces I am thankful for! 

So, what items am I thankful for? Let’s take a look…

Let me start by saying the only times I work out is when I get conned into going to a couple of hot yoga classes led by our Modern Fit columnist, Whitney, or when I am tinkering in the yard or doing anything remotely outdoorsy. I know I should probably start exercising more since I am closing in on 30, but I digress… These items are nice to have on hand for those “occasions.” I also like the fact that I can get away with running a couple of small errands around town sporting my workout tank and stretchy activewear bottoms, giving to the illusion that I look like I’ve been working out, when in reality I was more than likely lounging on the couch watching Stranger Things and eating Cheetos while waiting on the last load of laundry to be done. If you see me around town with any type of activewear on, you now know my secret…

High Heels
If you’ve been keeping up with my columns, you know I don’t wear heels every day, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love them. My grandmothers and mother had their hands full when I was growing up because the first thing I wanted to play every single day was dress up. This meant crawling into their closets and slinging out every pair of high heels they owned. Now that I am grown, this love has not faded. (Nor has the shoe slinging, especially when I’m in a hurry). I have several pair in several different colors, heel heights, etc. I am thankful for them because I am all of 5’2” and sometimes flats just don’t do the trick. Any time I slip on a pair of heels I immediately feel like I could conquer whatever the day throws at me. They are a total confidence boost, and sometimes we could all use a little boost.

Costume jewelry
I know what you’re thinking. Why is she thankful for costume jewelry? Let me explain… My late great aunt handed down her costume jewelry to me when I was a teenager and I’ve held on tight to every piece since then. Her name was LaVonne and she was sassy and wore what my Grandmother called, “sassy outfits.” These “sassy outfits” consisted of knee-length high heeled boots, leather jackets, skirts, all sorts of patterns and materials and prints. It sounds like a hot mess when I put her style on paper, but she was always so well put together and kept with the times when it came to all things fashion. I idolized her and loved every single piece of clothing and every pair of shoes she owned. Sometimes when I am feeling sassy (sassier than normal), I’ll break out a piece of her jewelry and wear it.

Dark Wash Denim Jeans
I would be lying if I said I didn’t love dark denim. I have far too many pairs of jeans that are dark denim, and I refuse to part with any of them. When it comes to the fit, I’m more of a skinny jean gal simply because I am short with curves and I cannot get over how I look in boot cut or flare leg jeans. I think I look frumpy and sloppy. I am thankful skinny jeans elongate my legs and make me appear thinner. (Um, HELLO! Winning!) I can guarantee you, if I had to wear flare leg pants and boot cut jeans, I would not be a happy camper. Give me my skinny jeans, or give me death. 

V Neck Shirts
If there is one item in my closet that I have a plethora of color in, it’s V Neck shirts. I feel like I can do so much with them. I love to layer outfits, and I find these to be my go-to pieces. I also feel like I can dress them up or down depending on the occasion. My favorite way to wear them is with a pair of dark wash skinny jeans (surprised?), a light cardigan, some layering necklaces and heels.

I saved the best for last, you guys. I am very, very thankful for Spanx. I can safely eat a full meal and successfully squeeze into a dress 30 minutes afterwards. It is amazing. It is also amazing these things last as long as they do. Some of their pieces can be a bit pricey, so I am thankful the materials are the real deal. (For more than one reason).

Carly Hazlip is the Fashion Columnist for Signature Magazine. She is also thankful for concealer to hide the fact she is always, always, always tired.