what’s in my carry on?

Summer is upon us. If you’re anything like me, you have been bitten by the travel bug something serious. I get stir crazy in the summer and chances are I am trying to get as far away from the South as possible. So, aside from the obvious TSA requirements, what are some of my other summer travel essentials? Let’s take a look.


1. Essential Oils
I am a hippie when it comes to medication and remedies and I am completely fine with that. I don’t travel without an arsenal of essential oils: Peppermint for fighting nausea, headaches and sunburn; Lavender for treating bug bites and travel insomnia; and Thieves for its germ-fighting properties.


2. Snacks
Chances are if I am in charge of the snacks on a trip, it’s going to look like you gave an unsupervised 9-year-old a crisp $100. I don’t travel hungry. I am the worst to deal with when I am hungry. You would not like me when I’m hungry. 


3. Baby Wipes
Delayed flights are about as much fun as getting bitten by fire ants. This usually means no shower. These have been my saving grace in less than stellar travel conditions. 


4. Entertainment
I’m a reader, so you will most likely find me with a book in hand, but I also like to bring my iPad and earbuds, because sometimes I travel with people who snore. 


5. Flannel Shirt
Yes, flannel. The material is warm and I am not going to wake up hosed in sweat if I fall asleep in it, as opposed to a bulky sweatshirt.  It also doubles as a great pillow when I’m not wearing it.


Carly Hazlip is the Fashion columnist for Signature Magazine. She is a firm believer that adventures fill your soul, and she currently has serious wanderlust.