tropical paradise

Look, I’m a beer geek, sure. But I’m no beer snob. I like my hoppy IPAs, my big robust stouts and my cheap easy-drinking light lagers too. But I’ll admit that I’ve always had an aversion to putting fruit in beer. I just figured if the brewer wanted the beer to taste like oranges or limes then, by God, they would have put them in there in the first place. And thus, in the fullness of time, some extra-creative types over at Terrapin Brewery in Georgia decided to do just that.  

Starting with an already solid IPA, a beer style that’s already heavy with hop bitterness, they added passion fruit, orange and guava. What this does is balance that hop bitterness with subtle fruity flavors and aromas, without adding any real sweetness. And it works! The fruit isn’t overwhelming. In fact, you kind of have to look for it in order to pick each one out. And that’s exactly why it works. The fruit in this beer is the supporting cast and they lift the star players, the hops and grain to new heights.  

When you hear people talk about balance in a beer, this is what they mean.  Sure, the beer has hoppy bitterness, sure it has malty sweetness from the grain, but the fruit is what ties it all together so that no one note overwhelms.  

Try this beer with other fruity foods.  For example, it would be great with any salad that has fruit in it. But I think what’s going to turn most people on when it comes to pairing this beer with food is fish. This is a beer born to join seafood on your plate. Or better yet, join you on the boat while you catch that seafood.   


Butch Bailey is a 15-year resident of the Pine Belt. He is a forester with two degrees from Mississippi State University. Husband to Toni, father to Liam, best friend to an English mastiff named Stout and founder of Raise Your Pints.

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