Tails up at South MS Crawfish

It’s springtime in South Mississippi. That means that if you are on the road after 11 a.m. on any given day, there’s about a 50 percent chance the driver in front of you will be chucking crawfish heads out of their window.

We don’t condone littering, but we get it.

The hot, fragrant steam curls from even the most tightly-closed bag and fills your car with the delicious aroma of the boil. The drive is long. It’s right there on the seat next to you, calling to you like hot French fries from a drive thru. Just one won’t make too big of a mess, and you have to dispose of the evidence.

It happens.

If you spot someone tossing heads on Old Hwy. 11, it’s likely those crawfish came from South Mississippi Crawfish Company.

The Beginning

Located just off north of the intersection of Old 11 and Oak Grove Road, South Mississippi Crawfish Company has been slinging hot mudbugs in this location since the spring of 2016, but owners Paul Sims and Trey Viehweg started the company as a mobile catering business.

Both Sims and Viehweg maintain full-time jobs and run the Crawfish Company as a passion project during the season.

Starting in February and running as long as the season lasts – typically Memorial Day weekend – the pair can be found Thursday to Saturday boiling and serving at their Oak Grove location.

They also offer off-site catering with a mobile rig capable of boiling 600 pounds at a time.

The menu is simple – boiled crawfish with sausage, corn and potatoes. Sometimes mushrooms. Shrimp for folks who don’t eat crawfish, boiled separately in case of food allergies. And hotdogs for kids who don’t like either.

Patrons order crawfish and shrimp by the pound and trimmings by the piece.

Carry Out or Dine In

You can take your order to go, or choose to dine “in.” All seating is al fresco, and while some of it is covered, most lets you enjoy your hot, fresh crawfish in the open air.

The picnic tables offer a great view of the best of Lamar County’s countryside – a wide, mowed pasture and a wild tree line.

It is a verifiable fact that crawfish tastes best eaten in the spring sunshine at a picnic table. We’re sure of it.


Perfect Recipe

Every crawfish boiler develops his or her own favorite recipe and technique, yielding a product unique to each boil. Some go for a spicy blend that leaves your lips on fire after three bites. Others punch up the herbs and skip the heat. Some go for a salty kick, while others look to citrus for zest.

All boilers shoot for tender, perfectly cooked tails that peel easily. We crawfish eaters like to work for our food, but we don’t want to work THAT hard.

At South Mississippi Crawfish Company, the crawfish are fat, served steaming hot and peel like a dream.

The spice level falls somewhere between “don’t rub your eyes tonight” and “crack open a cold one,” which is to say spicy, but not too spicy.

Their crawfish are salted perfectly, and the herb and spice flavors of the boil are present, but well-balanced.

It’s a recipe that shows that South Mississippi Crawfish Company is confident in the freshness of their product and lets the natural flavors of the crawfish really shine.

So, place your order and take your hot, well-bundled sack of crawfish to your desired location. If we see you on the road, we will look away discretely if you can’t resist eating while driving. You volunteered to pick them up, so it’s your God-given right. But please, dispose of your empties responsibly.