Signature Top Chef: Tom White

What’s one ingredient that you can't live without? Passion

What’s your favorite type of music to listen to when cooking?  Americana

If you could cook for anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?   My family

What’s your favorite ethnic cuisine? Italian

What’s the strangest request you’ve ever had from a diner? A no egg omelette

What’s the best part about being a chef? Eating your work

What’s the most challenging part of being a chef? It's a young man's game

If not a chef in the Pine Belt, what city would you like to work in?  Puerto Vallarta

Who is/was your food mentor? Chef Jim Hoyt

What’s your favorite “guilty pleasure” food? Macaroni and cheese

What’s your favorite food to cook?  Seafood

Sweet or savory? Savory

Mild or spicy? Spicy

Wine or beer? Beer

Salt or pepper? Salt

Red beans or gumbo? Gumbo