Prologue: Put your best style forward

On rare occasions, it’s not possible to talk to someone face to face for a story I’m writing. I either have to rely on a telephone interview or send questions and wait for the answers.

For this month’s feature story, I relied on the telephone. As the phone rang in Houston, Texas, 435 miles to the west, Janet Gurwitch picked up and said, “Hey Beth, it sure is good to see a ‘601’ number.”

This month is our Style issue. With the recent announcement of the second class of the Hattiesburg Public School District Hall of Fame, which includes Gurwitch, who better to feature?

Gurwitch has certainly made a name for herself in the world of beauty products, but did you know she’s also the sole female investor of the Houston Astros? She has a style exclusively her own, whether in her day-to-day business activities or the way her home is decorated or the way she presents herself to others.

It was a delight to talk with her and by the end of our lengthy conversation, I felt like we had known each other for years. 

We talked about her life, but she also asked me about mine. Let’s just say, mine doesn’t hold a candle to hers... not even close!

I don’t want to tell you her whole story here, so be sure and turn to Page 46 to read more about her exciting life since she left Hattiesburg. 

Also in this issue, you’ll find a “Meet the” feature with Joseph VanZandt, a creative spirit who has performed – both singing, dancing and acting – in a number of Pine Belt productions. He’s also found his way to the director’s chair.

In the past, the Style issue has included our Signature Dapper Dozen, 12 best-dressed men and women from across the Pine Belt. 

Last year we took a diversion and featured Dapper Duos. This year we take yet another interesting style diversion (the same as a fork in the road) and feature Dapper Domains – photoshoots featuring six talented artisans and their personal creating styles.

Our Food with Friends crew made its way to Chesterfield’s, where they indulged heartily in some fabulous-looking food. Just looking at the photos will make you hungry.

And because it’s getting closer to fall (I know there’s no such thing in South Mississippi) and maybe a little cooler (the chances of that are slim, but we can hope), the activity calendar is getting full once again. From benefits and fundraisers to tailgating and get-togethers, there’s something out there to keep you busy.

Get out and tackle what the Hub City and surrounding area has to offer. 

Who knows, you might just find a new style out there waiting for you.

Beth Bunch
Managing Editor