Prologue: October, hang on, we’re with you

Aaahhhhh, October! This is the time of year where we hopefully begin to feel the first cool(er) breezes that harken the arrival of what may eventually become fall. Or at least we don’t feel like we’re suffocating when we go out to go to work in the morning.

And while that’s wonderful, what’s even more wonderful is the October calendar lineup for the Pine Belt.

Yall, seriously. While there is always a plethora (love that word) of things going on in the area, October is doubly blessed. It’s downright bewitching!

Whether it’s the 41st annual Oktoberfest at St. John Lutheran Church on Hardy Street, complete with the oompah band and great food choices or a series of activities The Avenues puts on – a run, pumpkin carving and of course, the Halloween parade. Do you actually know of another town that has a Halloween parade?

Our very own Jamie Massengale will reign as the Grand Reaper for the parade. But you’ll have to be there to see who is crowned the Pumpkin Queen.

There’s the Hot Glass Festival at Thomley’s Christmas Tree Farm which has expanded to two days this year. I need to go and add another of the beautiful glass pumpkins and ornaments to my collections.

Now that our office is located downtown we’re looking forward to the Brown Bag Concerts the Hattiesburg Arts Council hosts each Thursday this month at the Fountain Park behind City Hall. It sounds like a nice way to escape the office for an hour or so and enjoy a variety of great music, food and fellowship. Come join us!

And as always, the Saenger is getting ready to roll with a couple of seasonal fan favorites – Hocus Pocus and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Why not dress up and head out to both of them.

While that’s not nearly everything, see our Happenings Calendar in this issue to see even more activities for the month. Again, it’s by no means all encompassing.

In this issue, publisher David Gustafson had the opportunity to talk with Sumrall native Tom “Bones” Malone. Malone, a popular trombonist on the David Letterman show and part of the Blue Brothers Band, has visited the Pine Belt a couple of times in the last month or so – performing with Pride of Mississippi Marching Band at Southern Miss and for the Piney Woods Picnic.

Carmen Ford, whose downtown eatery Gratefull Soul, is a popular eatery will share how she got into the business, while Cindy and Scott Blackwell, both employed by USM, talk about relocating to the Pine Belt eight years ago.

You’ll also find the regulars including Mik, Tim, and the Food with Friends gang.

Have a wonderful October! Hopefully by the time November rolls around you won’t be completely worn out. It’s going to be a busy one also!

Happy fall, y’all.


Beth Bunch

Managing Editor