Pop the top: Wines for Tailgating

In the spirit of Southern Miss football and tailgating season, I decided to spotlight some interesting alternatives to bottled wine for taking to your next tailgate party, camping trip or pool party.  We all know October in the South can be super hot and humid and having a cold, canned wine can be pretty refreshing.  During the last couple of years, canned wines have really come on strong in the market, as well as canned cocktails. They are easy to pack in a cooler and you don’t have to worry about taking big glass bottles that might break or find a corkscrew to open them.  It can be hard to get around the strangeness of drinking wine out of a can, so it's a good idea to pack a plastic wineglass or a cup to pour it in.  

There are not as many varieties of canned wines as there are of bottles, of course, but there are still some great options.   Load up the cooler and surprise your friends with your refined taste. These wines come koozie ready.

$6.99 for 375 mL
Think Pink Starburst and 80’s Punk Rock. Pairs well with pizza & BBQ. Also available in Sauvignon Blanc.

$7.49 for 375 mL
Wild strawberry, fruit cocktail and tart cherry. It’s hard to keep your pinky up when you’re drinking wine from a can.

$5.99 for 187 mL
Abundant fruit on the nose  meets peppy brightness for a cool, small-lot, distinctly contemporary rosé. 

Promotional consideration for Signature Wine Review comes from Lincoln Road Package Store.