Mystic Krewe of Zeus enjoys dinner dance

Photo by Lee Cave 

The Mystic Krewe of Zeus celebrated the beginning of the carnival season at their annual Dinner Dance on Feb. 16 at the Lake Terrace Convention Center.

A traditional “Bal Masque´” was the theme of the evening.

Krewe members received invitations displaying artistically arranged coque, peacock and ostrich plumes. The purple feathers adorned a sequin masquerade mask and sat atop a trio of glittering gold, purple and green papers. As announced in the invitation, the familiar phrase, “Laissez Le Bon Temps Rouler!” generated an extra sense of anticipation for The Royal Dinner Dance.  

Upon arrival, door attendants William Pearce Brett, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Gregory Brett, and Richard Jackson Pecunia, son of Dr. and Mrs. Richard Alan Pecunia, greeted guests. The entrance was adorned by the  Zeus Crest, along with a rainbow of Mardi Gras masks in various sizes and colors. Assisting with guests’ coats were Caroline Adele Azar, Anne Katherine Bullock, Charlotte Ann McQueen, Jill Ellen Underwood and Mary Moore Widemire, daughters of Drs. Deborah and George James Azar III, Dr. and Mrs. John David Bullock, Mr. and Mrs. Christian Lee McQueen, Mr. and Mrs. Gregory James Underwood and Mr. and Mrs. Harry McArthur III, respectively. 

The cocktail room was filled with sounds of Carnival as the merry makers were welcomed by King Zeus LXXVIII, Dr. George James Azar III and his Consort, Dr. Deborah Azar, and the co-chairmen of the Dinner Dance, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Henry Klein III, Dr. and Mrs. Charles Robert Moore and Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Wesley Rouse III. Once inside, guests visited while cocktails were served from a circular bar highlighted in the center of the room.  Jesters served as decoration, overlooking the crowd.

Revelers were summoned into the ballroom, where the “Bal Masque” theme continued. Masks adorned the walls of the ballroom and the tables were dressed with the symbolic colors of the season – purple, representing justice; green, representing faith; and gold, representing power. Gold crowns with jewels, Mardi Gras masks and iconic New Orleans street signs were placed throughout the room. The tables of the former kings and their consorts were at the center of the room and lit from above, befitting their prominence as past rulers of the Krewe. Their tables were embellished with fabric of deep purple and were adorned with cascading masks and jesters, assorted in design and height.

Toasts were presented to the reigning monarch and royalty under the direction of the Toastmaster, Samuel Jaron Sackler. 

Upon conclusion of a sumptuous meal, the partygoers danced to the sounds of The Atlanta Allstars.

Event directors were Mrs. Randall Marion Davis and Brandon Chase Welborn.

Members of the Krewe serving on the Dinner Dance committees were:

Decorations Co-Chairs: Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Corbett Bowman, Mr. and Mrs. William Gregory Brett.

Decorations Committee: Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Ellis Abraham II, Dr. and Mrs. William Clair Baker Jr., Dr. and Mrs. Rocco Anthony Barbieri Jr., Dr. and Mrs. Tod Alan Bigelow, Dr. and Mrs. George Joshua Blair, Dr. and Mrs. William Wilson Boone, Mr. and Mrs. Kimberly Slay Bradley, Dr. and Mrs. John David Bullock, Mrs. William Darrell Burnham, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Carter Callaway, Mr. and Mrs. Chamberlan Carothers, Mr. and Mrs. John Webster Chain, Dr. and Mrs. Curtis Scott Childress, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Milton Cornett, Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Keith Crane Jr., Honorable and Mrs. Burnice Wesley Curry Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Troy Prothro Daniels, Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Lester Duhon, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Christopher Farris, Dr. and Mrs. Frederick O’Neal Gregg, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Richard Graham, Mr. and Mrs. John Joseph Griffith, Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Russell Harmon, Mr. and Mrs. Jason Frederick Helwig, Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Ryan Hinton, Mr. and Mrs. James Walter Hopson, Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Lavon Hudson, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Herring Jussely, Mr. and Mrs. Shea Edward McNease, Mr. and Mrs. Christian Lee McQueen, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Seth Miles, Mr. and Mrs. Hayden Curtis Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gray Montgomery, Drs. Jonathan and Margaret Nichols, Mr. and Mrs. Terry Joe Norris Jr., Dr. and Mrs. Scott Steven Paladichuk, Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Scott Paul, Dr. and Mrs. Richard Alan Pecunia, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wesley Preusch, Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Charles Phillips Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Michael Vincent Ratliff, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Michael Reed, Dr. and Mrs. Charles David Richardson II, Robert Lloyd Roseberry II, Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Neely Russum, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ron Savell, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Rosenthal Shemper, Mrs. James Eugene Slaughter, Mr. and Mrs. Layne Rogers Upton, Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Nolan Vickers, Mrs. and Mrs. Shelby Henderson Winchester, Dr. and Mrs. Raymond Young Whitehead.

Publicity:  Mr. and Mrs. Jay Stewart Walker, Julie Walker Tator.

Reservations:  Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Wesley Rouse III, Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson Birge Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. Gregory James Underwood. 

Invitations: Mr. and Mrs. Jack Anthony Bevon, Mr. and Mrs. Burke Lee Ellzey, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Jaron Sackler, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen August Worrel Sr.



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