Midnight on Front Street: Hattiesburg's NYE Celebration

At the intersection of Main and Front Streets is where you’ll want to be on New Year’s Eve.

The City of Hattiesburg, Hattiesburg Downtown Hattiesburg and VisitHattiesburg have joined together with merchants in the downtown area and throughout the city to throw one heck of a New Year’s Eve celebration from 9:30 until 12:30 a.m. Dec. 31.

The city’s 2nd Annual New Year’s Eve Celebration - Midnight on Front Street – will feature the Hub Sign Drop, which will be followed this year by a dual fireworks display.

There will be music by DJ Kuhjo, street vendors, private parties and downtown businesses will be open.

The inaugural event occurred in 2018, when Mayor Toby Barker initiated the city’s first-ever New Year’s Eve “drop” with the iconic Hub Sign at the intersection of Main and Front Streets. The sign, a focal point for the night, was a replica of the original sign that was illuminated in 1912 on Thanksgiving Day.

Midnight on Front Street will feature a three-sided replica of the 1912 sign, outfitted with hundreds of LED lights and suspended approximately 100 feet in the air at the intersection of Front and Main streets. The drop will serve as a visual countdown for all participants as the clock strikes midnight, which will promptly be followed by a dual fireworks display.

“Hattiesburg’s New Year’s Eve celebrations are a time for us to honor the past while casting a bold vision for the future,” Barker said. “When we lower a replica of the 1912 Hub Sign at midnight, we look forward with great expectation to the incredible changes that will await our city in the 2020s. We invite all to come out as we elevate Hattiesburg into Mississippi’s New Year’s Eve destination.”

 The city of Hattiesburg, downtown, and the city’s tourism partners are all working together to be the region’s premier destination for New Year’s Eve.

With the streets of downtown still lit beautifully from the Christmas holidays, Marlo Dorsey, executive director of VisitHattiesburg, said Hattiesburg is already a top holiday destination for shopping, dining and festivities like Olde Tyme Christmas and the Victorian Candle Lighting.

“Midnight on Front Street just gives us one more great reason to spend time in Hattiesburg for the holidays,” said Dorsey.

In addition to the Hub Sign drop and dual fireworks display, several events and businesses will be celebrating the night in a variety of ways – both for the family-friendly crowds and the 21+ audience. Downtown restaurants will also be serving breakfast at Midnight. Nellie’s, Blu Jazz, The Porter, Fairley’s and Coney Island will all be open.