Letters to Santa: Tess R. Smith

Dear Santa,

I am writing to you on behalf of the school district that I love. The Lamar County School District is blessed in so many ways. We have a dedicated school board, supportive parents, a hard-working staff and wonderful students.

Is it a perfect business? Of course it is not, but LCSD works very hard to ensure that each May we put the best product on that stage to receive a diploma. Our students are our product, and we take great pride in what we produce.

What would I ask for this year for the LCSD? Safety would be the first request – that everyone would always remember to put the students and their needs ahead of their own. Regardless of whether you have a connection to the district, lift it up as often as you can! It takes all of us to produce the children who will one day lead this great state and beyond.

On a personal note, I simply asked for continued blessings for my family and that we all be together for the holiday season!


–Tess R. Smith

Superintendent, Lamar Co. School District