Kevin's Mother's Gumbo

5 lb. chicken necks (cleaned)
5 lb. chicken gizzards (cut in half)
2 cans tomato paste
½ jar gumbo filé (to your taste)
½ jar crab boil (to your taste)
5 lb. shrimp (cleaned & deveined)
5 lb. crabs (cleaned & cut in half)
5 lb. sausage (sliced)
2 pkg. Okra
2-10 oz. pkg. seasoning blend
2 cans whole kernel corn
1 jar roux

I pre-boil my chicken necks & gizzards.
Sauté sausage, okra, seasoning blend, then add tomato paste & fill pot with water.
Put gizzards in once it begins to boil, add corn & simmer.
Add shrimp, crabs, gumbo filé, crab boil & roux. Salt & pepper to taste.
Serve over rice.