Holiday Pairings

What better way to indulge than with a good bottle of wine and a delectable piece of cheese. Kick off your shoes, cozy up and unwind. Or if a night out is in the works, bring any of these to a dinner party and impress friends with your cheese and wine savvy.

Brian and Sarah Carver, owners of Twin Forks Wine & Provisons, provided promotional consideration for this month’s Wine Review.


Our Recommendations:

Barco de Piedra | $18.99

Tres Leches | $19.99/lb
Tres Leches, meaning three milks, hails from Rioja, Spain. It is produced using cow, sheep and goat milk and rubbed with olive oil as it ages. This produces a savory, creamy and nutty flavor with an earthy rind that pairs beautifully with the earthy, robust Barco de Piedra.  This Tempranillo-based wine shows notes of black fruit, minerals and a meatiness that screams for a nice piece of crusty bread, Marcona Almonds and this lovely hard cheese.


Valli Dry Riesling | $27.99/bottle

Stilton with Mango & Ginger | $25.99/lb
This cheese will please both sweet and savory lovers with mango and ginger scattered throughout the creamy white stilton. The unusual combination of intense and spicy pairs wonderfully with the Valli Dry Riesling. The lime juice, pineapple, white pepper and lovely acidity sing when enjoyed together.


Laird Sauvignon Blanc | $21.99/bottle

Saint Andre Triple Créme | $19.99/lb
Saint Andre is like an intense version of Brie – dense, tangy, velvety smooth with an edible rind and a decadent center. This buttery and unctuous cheese works well with the refreshing acidity of the Laird Sauvignon Blanc. The notes of Granny Smith apple and melon cut through the rich, creaminess of this beauty.