Hattiesburg Native Vaeda Mann suits up for Deal or No Deal

You’ll soon see Hattiesburg’s Vaeda Mann, an Oak Grove High School graduate, on your television screen when Deal or No Deal airs on CNBC Dec. 5. You’ll find her standing beside Briefcase No. 10. You’ll also see familiar comedian Howie Mandel as host guiding guests through the 26 briefcases. Mandel also serves as executive director for the reality TV show, which previously aired for five seasons on NBC.

The show will air at 8 p.m. Wednesday nights on CNBC. However, on Dec. 3, there will be a special Christmas episode, which will air on NBC, where it originally debuted in 2005.

Mann, who has been modeling professionally since she graduated in 2015, has been living in Miami, where she is signed with Next Management, with has offices in New York, London, Paris, Milan, Los Angeles and Miami. 

Mann said when CNBC decided to relaunch the TV show, they decided to cast across the nation through a company she had worked with. Castings were held in LA, New York, Chicago and Miami. 

 “I knew that casting company well, because I had actually booked a commercial through them last November while I was living in Miami,” said Mann, explaining that when the casting company received a request from CBBC/Deal or No Deal, they called NEXT and requested Mann because of the commercial she had booked. 

“And crazy enough, I did that commercial with one of the other briefcase models, Kizzie, #24,” Mann said. “We absolutely died when we landed in L.A. for the first fitting and saw each other. It is so unbelievable how it all comes so full circle. Everything truly happens for a reason.”

So one casting, one call back, and three fittings later, Mann will now be standing on stage as Briefcase 10.

Mann went through three rounds of fittings in L.A., which included having all 30 dresses perfectly fitted and tailored to the models’ bodies.

The show was shot in front of a live audience over a month’s time at Universal Studios in Orlando. 

“Our days were long and hard, at times starting hair and makeup at 5:30 a.m. which sometimes wouldn’t wrap until 9:30 at night, usually filming three episodes a day,” Mann said. “We never knew what was going to happen, so that kept things incredibly exciting.” 

Mann described Mandel as amazing, hilarious, kind and so good at what he does. “He was even kind enough to have foot masseuses brought in because he knew how badly our feet were hurting from those 15-hour days standing on stage in heels,” she said. 

 Even though the show hasn’t aired yet, Mann, who is the daughter of Pine Belt musician Mark Mann and Andrea Marx, is already hoping the show will be picked up for a second season.

Turn in to CNBC at 8 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 5 to see Mann and the other briefcase models.


Beth Bunch is managing editor of Signature Magazine and PineBelt NEWS. She enjoys keeping up with Vaeda’s career following a Signature feature they did together several years ago. 






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