Glory Bound Gyro (and Great) Company

Food with Friends is our new direction for the Signature Eats page. Join us as Allison Neville, Evan Curry, Brittany Purvis and Jamie Massengale eat their way across the Pine Belt.


Glory Glory Glory
Glory Bound Gyro Company started in 2008 in Hattiesburg, the idea of Will Taylor and Chris McDonald. After traveling around Greece, they came up with a new restaurant concept of offering a Southern twist on Greek classics. The idea took off and was a great success in the area, building a loyal customer base in the Hattiesburg area. Now with four locations across the Southeast and some philanthropy under their belt, it’s easy to see why they have become a local institution.

They have also been nominated multiple times for our annual Best of the Pine Belt awards and won in 2016 and 2017 for Best Cheap Date. The four of us at Food with Friends are definitely all cheap dates, so we were excited to visit a local favorite. Their annual nominations and wins also explain why they were bustling even on a Sunday evening when the new Food with Friends crew pulled in. Granted, there was a football game on, but that’s not the only thing that draws people to their establishment.


I’ve Got the Golden Ticket
Glory Bound, as it is affectionately referred to by locals, is located is the perfect place for a pre-tailgate cocktail, a post game meal, or a happy hour meetup. Located right off Highway 49 across from the University of Southern Mississippi campus, it’s in the heart of Hattiesburg and a great place to spend a Sunday evening with friends talking about our favorite NBC programs, the Great British Baking Show and our thoughts on vodka. The Food with Friends gang decided to start our evening with a round waters and cocktails: Allison choosing a perfect Peach Tea (with a Maker’s Mark and Peach Schnapps surprise inside), Evan picked the Raspberry Martini, Jamie the Dirty Banana and myself the Golden Ticket. The Golden Ticket will thrill any fan of White Russians, but it has a great Bailey’s kick to set it apart. Served in a martini glass, it’s perfect if you want something chocolatey and boozy. I should have ordered it as a dessert cocktail, but I heard “if you like White Russians” and was sold. The Peach Tea is a perfect cocktail for one of those warm summer days that don’t want to end, so you force them to finish by drinking until the sun goes down.


Service with a Smile
It would be foolish to not note that our server Jessie was an absolute doll! The NFC Championship game was on and she was kind enough to change the TV for us so Allison could stay updated. She also gave great suggestions so we could get a full on Glory Bound experience from an insider. She was the magical kind of server that knows when you need things before you need them. Before we even realized our drinks were low she would be there with a refill or to make sure we had enough pita for all of our hummus. She noticed my Golden Ticket had quickly disappeared and asked me if I wanted another, then helped me decide on the Pineapple Fusion, which was tart, sweet and a beautiful color that made us curious on whether it would fluoresce under a blacklight.


Do You Think He’d Buy Me Cheese Rolls
For appetizers, we ordered cheese rolls and a hummus trio, leaving the hummus selection up to Jessie. Considering they have nine varieties of hummus to choose from, it’s not an easy task! She brought us the house favorites: Mediterranean olive, jalapeno-cilantro, and the garlic basil. All were delicious and appreciated by all four of us and our photographer, who was politely scavenging while shooting, but how could he resist?

For entrees, Evan chose his favorite: the gyro plate, which includes the meat of your choice (Evan choosing the classic beef and lamb), which comes with grilled vegetables and a side salad. Allison chose the gyro salad, which became her new favorite. Jamie picked their tuna plate, which came beautifully plated. I usually pick the Mediterranean plate with chicken, or the falafel plate as they’re a perfect weekday lunch choice and enough food to split for two meals if you’re being thrifty or sharing. This evening, since I wanted to see what all the fuss was about, I decided to go with the crowd favorite Pepperjack gyro. I was not disappointed. Not to mention the cottage fries on the side. I ended up having to tap out halfway through. Piled high with gyro meat, pepperjack cheese and bacon, it was a sight to behold. After our rounds of entrees, the eating and conversation slowed down. We were nearing maximum capacity… so time for dessert!


Chocolate + Peanut Butter = Heaven
We were then spoiled with two of their desserts: the Reagan’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Dessert Rolls and the Pita Delight. The chocolate peanut butter rolls were as amazing as they sound. The perfect sweet counterpart to the savory cheese rolls we had earlier. The Pita Delight was a piece of pita bread coated in cinnamon sugary caramel goodness. Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream in the center and you understand where it got its name. It reminded me of a sopapilla, but with more chew than crunch. Allison even said it was perfect on its own, no ice cream needed.


New Beginnings
After we did a quick, quite bloated photo shoot with the crew, our photographer, John, snapped some adorable shots of the marvelous Jessie and of Chef Will double fisting some gyros. Will then informed us the very next day they were slated to start working on a remodel, but have the forethought to remain open so the public doesn’t have to worry about missing out on all the delicious they have to offer. We all look forward to a fresh-faced Glory Bound Gyro Co. to enjoy our fusions and their $5 gyros.

And for those curious parties, Glory Bound makes great leftovers.