Giving style to art

As a one-time college art major, I understand the style of creations that people consider to be art – from pottery, sculpture, paintings, music, etc.  – whether I agree or not. 

It’s true that some art looks like you gave paints and a paint brush to a 3-year-old or better yet, strapped a paint brush to a dog’s tail. But it sells for a whole lot more.

There’s music I don’t care for and some pottery that resembles a sack of potatoes. No, that’s just a concrete piece I had to chisel while at Delta State. 

It was E.A. Bucchianeri who said, ‘Art is in the eye of the beholder and everyone will have their own interpretation.’ As someone who once lived in Nevada and now lives in Portugal, I’m sure she’s seen her share of interpretations.

Since I’m obviously in the newspaper/magazine business, I abandoned my career path for a future in the arts quite some time ago. But not really. A lot of what I do today carries an artistic style, whether choosing decorative fonts for stories or a soothing color palette or the pleasing way that stories are presented on the pages of our publications.

I guess you could say my career combined the best of both worlds.

My feature story for this issue of Signature is one that will probably draw the biggest question, ‘What is art?’ And to many this decorative art style won’t be considered anywhere in the realm of art. 

But before you decide to forego reading, give it a chance. I learned so many things by talking to the four tattoo artists I interviewed.

Tattoo artists are very talented, whether you like the work they do or not. They each have a unique style for which they are known.

And it is art. It really really is. 

They are normal people also. Sure, they may have a tattoo here or there that you deem not attractive or not so desirable, but I bet you have some pieces in your house they wouldn’t be too carried away with either. It goes both ways.

Two of the artists I talked with are the sons of preachers. One has a degree in art. Another has worked in a variety of art styles – from a bronze foundry, a mural business and even in a blacksmith shop.

I have a number of friends who have beautiful tattoos, so I talked to them about their experiences, just to gain some knowledge before I headed out on my tattoo forays. They described what it felt like. I truly intended to reach out to one of these guys, sans ink in their machines, and ask for a brief demonstration... never got there.

I don’t have a tattoo, don’t want a tattoo, but don’t hold anything against those who do. I’m not so passionate about my art that I feel like I need to carry it around with me. I prefer mine hanging on my walls or sitting on a table. 

The one thing I did learn – be prepared for the answer when you ask, “What’s the weirdest tattoo you’ve ever done?” 

It’s September and that means time for Signature’s ‘Dappers.’ You know, those Pine Belt-area people we find pretty stylish on a regular basis, whether dressed up or down. And by no means are they the only stylish people in the area. 

While there are still a dozen Dappers, this year we’ve paired them up in Dapper Duos – guys/guys, girls/girls, husbands/wives, father/sons, best friends. They make for some quite stylish pairs.

The calendar is full as we head toward the fall. Get out and enjoy the area – in your own style.