getting personal: Everything you always wanted to know about personal training but were afraid to ask

While I wouldn’t say I’ve been procrastinating working on my beach body (see previous months’ forays into cycling, yoga and even dancing), the collective total of weddings, bachelorette parties and vacations I’ve been lucky enough to participate in during the past year reaches nearly to 20.  With my annual beach vacation waiting for me at the end of this month, I decided it is time to seek the help of a professional. 

In the days before a mega-gym cropped up on the Downtown side of Hwy. 49, there was a miniature fitness haven in the first floor of the America building known as Bodybar (you can reference the 30 or so selfies I took there during a summer attendance challenge several years ago for an  idea as to how this little space doubled as my own personal gym for several years). It was during this stint that I was lucky enough to meet and train with personal trainer Joseph Gadilhe (pictured top right, pronounced Gah-dill).  

A graduate of Southern Miss with a degree in exercise science and a personal trainer certification through ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine), Joseph has been working in the industry since 2010. Since I can personally attest to the intensity and effectiveness of Joseph’s training programs, I wanted to get his take on some of the most frequently asked (or, in most cases, frequently thought and never spoken) questions regarding personal training. 


What do I need to know starting out?

JG: I’m going to ask you a lot of personal questions to get a good overview of your dietary, health and fitness background. From there, know that I’m going to hold you accountable. I’m not the guy with the magic wand; you have to put in the effort as well.


How do you build a program for your clients?

JG: After that first conversation about your health history and experience, we talk about goals. There are three general tracks I can put you into: build more muscle mass/ gain weight; lose weight and tone up; and increasing quality of life through flexibility and movement. 


What if I have no experience with fitness or am recovering from an injury? 

JG: Within those three basic programs, we can find the right level of intensity for you based on previous experience and ability level.  


What type of investment is personal training?

JG: As far as time goes, it’s difficult to see results and achieve your goals in only a few weeks. I ask for a three-month commit-ment, which is fairly standard to the industry. So, take someone like you for example: you’d be looking at three one-hour workouts with me per week, plus “homework” to do one day when you’re not training with me. 


So, what are we talking money wise?

JG: From a monetary standpoint, you’re looking at about $35/session (plus the cost of your gym membership). Depending on your desired goals, you’re looking anywhere between $350 - $450/month. 


What other elements do I need to take into consideration? 

JG:  I also recommend following a nutritious diet plan – you can’t outtrain a bad diet. While I don’t provide regimented nutrition advice (I can refer you to a nutritionist if that’s what you’re seeking), I offer suggestions on how to tweak your diet: what foods to avoid, what foods you should incorporate. Generally these small changes yield good results.


What is your fitness philosophy?

JG: From a physicality standpoint, functional fitness, using a variety of equipment and bodyweight, is my go-to, getting the most bang for your buck and time.  Personally, my main philosophy is that you have to put in the right kind of effort to get the results that you want; and that’s where I come into play. It’s all about making sure you’re pushing yourself beyond the limits that you have.


Got anymore questions for Joseph? He’s currently taking on new clients and he can be reached at 205.807.9849 to schedule that free initial consultation.


When Whitney isn’t writing about fitness, you can find her buying way more bikinis than necessary for her summer vacation.







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