Flowers, Fans & Fine Art

Picture this….more than a half dozen fresh flower still life settings in the beautiful, architectural space of the historic Hattiesburg Cultural Center.

The Hattiesburg Arts Council is kicking off for its July 2017-June 2018 season from 2-4pm Sunday, Sept. 10, at the Hattiesburg Cultural Center with an event that will feature artists with their easels actively painting and/or drawing flowers arranged in varied styles throughout two floors of the cultural center.

 The artists will arrive early to get a fresh start on their renderings, and from 2-4pm, the public will be able to freely view the artists’ final touches. Artists will then submit their works for raffle with the winners being drawn randomly at 4pm. Raffle tickets will be $50 per chance to win either a work of original art or a fresh flower arrangement. All proceeds will go to the Hattiesburg Arts Council.

This event at 723 N. Main St. is free and open to the public. There will be live music and refreshments to create a relaxing and inspiring experience for all, and selections of artwork from the HAC permanent collection will also be on display.

The Hattiesburg Arts Council seeks to not only raise funds to continue and grow the diverse arts experiences they provide free to the public, but also to encourage and support the existing artistic talent of our area. HAC encourages their fans to come and meet the new board members, renew their annual support, and hear the exciting events planned for this fiscal year. This day will be a time of fellowship among participating artists, community development and sharing the joy of creating.