Explorations in Photography

 Authentic storytelling doesn’t always need direction. For this year’s Photography feature, we let the professionals take the reins. We supplied a starting point with a list of themes and then allowed the artists to construct their own narratives. What we were given is a series of short vignettes that tell us not only about the theme chosen, but also the photographers themselves. 


STARLING & SAGE is the professional name for married photographers Daniel and Stephanie Bishop. With a thirst for adventure and a penchant for new experiences, they’re artists who are in love with this blessed life. The couple met at the prestigious Hallmark Institution of Photography, where they trained in both commercial and portrait techniques and styles.
“For our Back to Basics photo shoot, we chose five local women, applied minimal makeup and performed no Photoshopping on ‘flaws.’ The result: beautiful photographs with true character.”


GRANT & JENN PHOTOGRAPHY is composed of Grant Hobgood and Jennifer Lewis. The couple met and began dating in October 2016, when Jenn moved to Hattiesburg for school from Illinois. They quickly found a mutual interest in photography, which continues to be a foundational piece in their relationship. 
"River Prince is a sign painter whose talents can be seen all over Laurel. We’ve seen his progression in the last few months and we just had to tell his story."
"Larran is an amazing vegan chef in Hattiesburg with a personality that GLOWS in the kitchen and a love for life that is second to none."
“As photographers, we are storytellers at heart, through our imagery.  We aimed to show off a few local talents and skillsets, but also their personalities and progression. We chose two individuals who are taking entirely different paths in life, though, each one is exciting to watch.”


MEREDITH MALONEY, known as "Meme,” is an accomplished local artist, photographer and hair stylist. Her creative nature can be seen throughout her art and music, but her recent passion is photography. She studied art at Northwestern State University and is a self-taught photographer, though she continues to refine her photography skills with her mentors, April and Paul Russell. She has a unique way of capturing the personality of her subjects and blending the world around them whether she is shooting a wedding, the birth of a baby or high school senior photos. Of course, her favorite subjects to photograph are her two daughters, Edie and Willa. Meme lives in downtown Hattiesburg with her husband, Patrick, and their daughters.  Meme can be reached at fmewing@gmail.com.   
“Cass is a strong, independent woman. She expresses herself freely through her dance and her strong sense of fashion. Everything about her is powerful.”