dapper dozen - group two

TERRI BELL, Small Business Owner at B Communications, Inc & Pregar Construction

Family: Husband Ross, & sons Dr. Garner Bell (Ivey Swan, future daughter-in-law) and Preston Bell (Nicolet Bell, 
Fashion Style: Classic and Tailored
You are most comfortable wearing:  A tailored dress for work, gym clothes for workouts and jeans and tailored shirt for leisure.
Most prized fashion accessory: Any shoe with a high heel.  
First 3 fashion items to grab when told to evacuate immediately: Blue blazer, white shirt and my 15-year-old jeans.
Style Icon: Jackie Kennedy


JERRY DEFATTA, JR, Executive Director of the Southern Miss Alumni Association

Family: Wife Bethanie, daughters Eva Marie, 7, Ella Kate, 7, & son, Trey, 3
Fashion Style: All-American Throwback
You are most comfortable wearing: With the South Mississippi heat, it’s hard to pass up a pair of Columbia shorts with a Southern Miss Under Armor polo and Cole Haan Driving Shoes, especially for a long day of tailgating at The Rock.
Most prized fashion accessory: The only real fashion accessory I always have with me is my wedding ring. It serves as a constant reminder that at one point I was a great salesman. 
First 3 fashion items to grab when told to evacuate immediately: My Southern Miss Dugout Club visor, Costa Del Mar Cut sunglasses and Asics running shoes.
Style Icon: Southern Miss Chief Communications Officer Jim Coll. Like Jim always says …We communicate a lot through our appearance!



BRION MONROE, Service Industry

Family: Single
Fashion Style: Casual and creative
You are most comfortable wearing: Lounge wear
Most prized fashion accessory: Headbands
First 3 fashion items to grab when told to evacuate immediately: Sweatpants, a V-neck and my Garfield sweatshirt.



KELLI KING, Professor of Healthcare Marketing, The University of Southern Mississippi 

Family: Husband Dr. Clay King & daughters Caroline and Mary Catherine King
Fashion Style: Modern Classic
You are most comfortable wearing: Shift dress or black turtleneck and jeans
Most prized fashion accessory: Designer sunglasses
First 3 fashion items to grab when told to evacuate immediately: Crisp white blouse, jeans and a pair of patent heels.
Style Icon:  Jackie Kennedy, Amal Clooney and locally, Susan Slaughter - who is a Dapper Dozen alumni!