STEPHANIE D. WADE-MAY, Self Employed Vocational Expert, Psychological Counselor 

Family: Husband Calvin May, Daughters Celeste Garden-May, 17 & Carly May, 3
Fashion Style: With age, my fashion style varies. Being a wife, mother and my own boss, I’m constantly changing for various occasions. My range of styles consists of: chic (trendy/fashionable), classic (comfort), sophisticated (classy) and traditional (girl next door).
You are most comfortable wearing: My “girl next door” look – maxi dresses/skirts, comfortable shirt, topped off with my favorite cardigan with flats. I’m 5’11.5”, and I absolutely LOVE anything that falls to my ankles.
Most prized fashion accessory: Necklace and earrings (my teenager answered this for me).
First 3 fashion items to grab when told to evacuate immediately: Jewelry, jacket/cardigan and purse. 
Style Icon: Kerry Washington (I adore everything about her!)


TYNER SULLIVAN, Vice President,SPF Window Tinting Inc.

Family: Luna (Maine Coon), 8, & Leonidas (Great Dane), R.I.P.
Fashion Style: Functionally curated. I do many varying tasks throughout my day and I have come to learn what you wear has a direct impact on how you are perceived, both positive and negative.  A lot of times my clothing choices are not in line with societal norms, but in line with my desire to be observed on my terms. 
You are most comfortable wearing: Pants that are too short and a white v-neck shirt.
Most prized fashion accessory: My great friends this life has allotted me.
First 3 fashion items to grab when told to evacuate immediately: RETROSUPERFUTURE glasses, Tom Ford Tuscan Leather Cologne, my cat.
Style Icon: Jeff Goldblum, styled by Jason LeViere, and recognized by Bill Cunningham.  



JOHN M. WHITE, Apparel Retail

Family: Wife Janet, son John Jr., daughter Whitney, & grandson Jack
Fashion Style: Traditional, but dress for the occasion. You can’t go wrong. 
You are most comfortable wearing: Jean, sports shirt, jacket
Most prized fashion accessory: Elk Overshirt
First 3 fashion items to grab when told to evacuate immediately: Blue blazer, fashion jeans and blue/white check sport shirt.



KATIE DIXON, Chef, Personal Trainer & Nutritional Planner

Family: Husband Todd, daughters Stevee Kate, 12, & Risi, 6
Fashion Style: I like to mix a lot of styles from jeans to dresses. I absolutely love denim, lace and leather.
You are most comfortable wearing: I feel comfortable in everything from tanks and yoga pants to heels and a fancy dress – what female doesn't love getting all dressed up? Most days you would find me in the kitchen with a white tee, worn out jeans and my favorite leather apron!
Most prized fashion accessory:  A pair of Tiffany pearls I was given by the Mississippi Miss Hospitality Board back in 2001
First 3 fashion items to grab when told to evacuate immediately: My purse (it has literally my life in it), my grandmother’s old sweater (it makes me smile, keeps me warm and reminds me of everything she taught me) and a simple black dress (you can walk into any occasion with a simple black dress and be dressed perfectly).  
Fashion Icon: Stevie Nicks! She isn't afraid to take risks. She wears what she loves and feels beautiful in.