Dapper Dozen 2017 - Group One

BONNIE WARREN, Community Volunteer 

Family:  Husband Lawrence,  sons Griff Gleason (his wife Shannon), Stuart Gleason (his wife Heather), Steve Warren (his wife Jamie), daughter Missy Warren McGee (her husband Sean), & 10 grandchildren. 
Fashion style:  Classic and traditional
You are most comfortable wearing: Tailored casual clothing
Most prized fashion accessory:  Wedding ring
First 3 fashion items to grab when told to evacuate immediately: Wedding ring, watch given to me by my mother, and plain gold necklace given to me by my husband.
Style Icon:  I do not have an individual icon when it comes to my style.  I wear what makes me feel most comfortable and looks appropriate for the occasion.



ABB PAYNE, CEO, Camellia Home Health and Hospice

Family: Wife Jennifer, son Ford, daughter Arden, & baby #3 due in February
Fashion Style: Southern Classic (thankfully, in Mississippi this includes designer jeans)
You are most comfortable wearing: Business casual
Most prized fashion accessory: The watch my father gave me on my 18th birthday.
First 3 fashion items to grab when told to evacuate immediately:  Belt (because a Southern gentleman always tucks his shirt in), watch and a classic sport coat.
Style Icon: Definitely my wife, who very deservingly made this same list years ago.



MEG PAUL, Registered Nurse, Forrest General Hospital & Asbury House

Family: Husband, Joe Paul, son Daniel Paul, & daughter and son-in-law, Hallie and Daniel Krebs.
Fashion Style: Classic/Casual
You are most comfortable wearing: Elastic waistband 
Most prized fashion accessory: Wedding ring (and currently, my Lynn Sullivan leather and pearls).
First 3 fashion items to grab when told to evacuate immediately:  ALWAYS earrings, necklace and a scarf if it's below 70 degrees!
Style Icon: No person in particular, but I have been greatly influenced by my daughter's thumbs up or thumbs down!



JOE PAUL, Vice President Emeritus, The University of Southern Mississippi

Family: Wife Meg, daughter Hallie and her husband Daniel Krebs, & son Daniel Paul.
Fashion Style: Classic comfortable 
You are most comfortable wearing: T-shirt and khaki shorts.
Most prized fashion accessory: Official Southern Miss signet ring.
First 3 fashion items to grab when told to evacuate immediately: Southern Miss Dugout Club hat, Boston Red Sox T-shirt and 34 Heritage jeans.
Style Icon: Richard Gere & John White