Craft Cocktail: The Rock

What has a sweet Eagle base with equal parts black and gold and a splash of bitter? Not the Nasty Bunch – it’s Jack Wolfe’s latest Southern Miss-themed concoction. Eagle Rare Bourbon (every bottle of which is aged no less than a decade) meets its match with the housemade Black Bean vanilla and Golden Twist (we hear the twist is citrus) honey syrups. Finished with a few dashes of bitters and basil for aromatics (and an ice cube as big as its namesake), this cocktail is the perfect addition to your game-day roster.  


2 oz             Eagle Rare Bourbon
¼ oz            Black Bean vanilla syrup
¼ oz            Golden Twist honey syrup
2 dashes     Angostora bitters
1                 ‘big rock’ ice cube
                    sprinkle basil 



Jack Wolfe has worked in the food service and bartending industry in Hattiesburg since the late 1980s. With stints at local watering holes like Copelands, Wolfe now co-owns Marlin’s Bar and Grill. Photo by John Scarpa.