Coordinates to a good time

It might be fall according to the calendar, but it’s still summertime here in South Mississippi.It’s not yet time for big, malty beers full of robust flavors and warming alcohol. We’re still in the golden days, the halcyon days, the days of sitting on the porch by the water enjoying the last rays of the setting sun. And if you’re anything like me, you want a crisp, refreshing beer in your hand while you do it. Abita 30-90 is that beer. It’s a “golden lager” that slides right into that gap between full-bodied fall and effervescent summer. This beer delivers the perfect combination of easy-drinking refreshment with citrusy hops aroma. Not too much, not too little, just right. It’s as light-bodied as a lager should be, but full of flavor.  And that flavor is ideal for grilling out back with friends. So toss some late summer veggies on the grill, invite a few friends over, and say goodbye to summer in style.

Abita’s newest beer, Abita 30-90, fills a glass with a light golden body that won’t scare anyone off that’s used to light lagers. The style name, “golden lager,” hits right in the bread-basket. The flavor is crisp, easy, and almost sweet at first, but then you notice the hops. Like a big whiff of fresh citrus and pine, it finishes up just right.

Butch Bailey is a 15-year resident of the Pine Belt. He is a forester with two degrees from Mississippi State University. Husband to Toni, father to Liam, best friend to an English mastiff named Stout and founder of Raise Your Pints.