Best Wines for the Holidays

It’s official: The holidays are here! As pumpkin spice “everything” lines the grocery store shelves, your neighbors cover their yard in flashing reindeer and the in-laws come to visit, we need wine more than ever. To prevent holiday cheer from becoming holiday madness when it comes to food and wine, I have some versatile pairing recommendations you can follow to make your celebrations more delicious. Here are some traditional American holiday dinner staples and the wines you can pair with them without breaking the bank. Cheers and enjoy the holidays!

RED: Gamay, best known as Beaujolais from France, is light, fresh, fruity and designed to be drunk early and often. Perfect for all poultry.
Louis Jadot Beaujolais Village  
RETAIL: $13.99

WHITE: Chardonnay is creamy with flavors of vanilla, butter, golden apple and pears. Great with roasted turkey and tangy cranberry sauce.
Harken Barrel Fermented Chardonnay  
RETAIL: $14.99

RED: Pinot Noir is mild with soft tannins that easily cleanse the palate of salty-sweet ham, but won’t overpower delicate side sauces.
Kate Arnold Pinot Noir
RETAIL: $19.99

WHITE: Dry Riesling brings a bright, flashy fruit flavor and distinct mineral tones to the table – a perfect match for ham-based dishes.
Chateau St. Michelle Dry Riesling
RETAIL: $11.99

RED: Merlot is plummy, smooth and more mild mannered than most Cabernets, and their restrained tannins bring out the best in roast beef.
The Velvet Devil Merlot 
RETAIL: $13.99

WHITE: Viognier, a nutty, waxy full-bodied white wine similar to chardonnay, makes a surprisingly good match for rich red meat.
Cline Viognier 
RETAIL: $15.99

RED: Grenache, a fruity and sassy red from Spain is not tannic, nor aged in French oak, making it very food friendly.
Honoro Vera Garnacha
RETAIL: $12.99

WHITE: Vinho Verde is a region in Portugal that produces crisp, tart and (slightly spritzy) refreshing wines that pair well with all seafood.
Broadbent Vinho Verde
RETAIL: $9.99

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