• Passion brings photography to life: DANNY RAWLS

    Somebody once posed a seemingly obvious question to Danny Rawls: “I like your pictures, but mine don’t look that good – what do you do?”

    Rawls’ reply was one simple word: Passion.

    “You can’t just mash a button and it’s just going to be like you want it,” said Rawls, a Hattiesburg resident who has studied and practiced the art of photography for most of his adult life. “I find myself, sometimes, living and breathing it too much. Everywhere I go I see an image.”

  • Art*Cetera: Tasha Messer draws people into her hobby

    “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”  – Pablo Picasso

    Given that statement, Picasso probably would have been pretty impressed with Tasha Messer Williams.

  • Grant Hobgood and Jennifer Lewis: Telling stories, one photoshoot at a time

    When you find someone who is passionate and enthusiastic about what they do, it’s easy to tell their story.

    Grant Hobgood and his girlfriend, Jennifer Lewis, find those types of people almost every day. It’s one of the reasons they turned their love of photography into a budding entrepreneurship, Grant and Jenn Photo, focusing on personal branding with young professionals.

    “We wanted to tell other people’s stories, rather than just ours, so that’s what came from it,” Hobgood said. “The personal branding side is just something I really enjoy doing.

  • Meet your neighbor: staci cox

    Whether it’s from her time spent with the United Way of Southeast Mississippi, the Avenues Alliance or the Luckyday Scholars, Cox makes it a point to better the people and places around her on a daily basis.

    “Community is what makes life possible,” said Cox, who now serves as director of community impact for United Way SEMS. She’s also the winner of this year’s Best of the Pine Belt’s Best Volunteer award.

    “Tupac (Shakur) said, ‘I am a reflection of the community,’ and that is the absolute truth – we all are.

  • Laughter & Lagniappe

     Pine Belt-area residents will soon have a chance to enjoy Cajun food and fun while benefiting the Petal’s teachers and students, courtesy of the Petal School District Education Foundation’s 12th annual “Laughter and Lagniappe” Crawfish Boil.