The Hattiesburg Debutante Association introduced 20 young women at its annual presentation program Saturday, November 30, at the Historic Saenger Theatre in Downtown Hattiesburg.

    The Debutante Ball was held at the Hattiesburg Country Club following the presentation. The Hattiesburg Debutante Association started in 1952 as the Junior Cotillion of Hattiesburg and is celebrating its 67th season this year.

  • Welcoming Christmas

    Justin Jordan had always dreamed of living in the America Building in downtown Hattiesburg.

    When he arrived in the Hub City in 1998 to attend The University of Southern Mississippi, he and friends frequented a bar called The Courtyard in downtown with the America Building always looming in the background.

    “The Courtyard was a really big place in my growth at that time in my life,” he said, “just being there.”

    He remembers the America, a tall multi-story structure, in a dilapidated state at the time.

  • Signature Q&A: Jim Prout

    JIM PROUT, executive director and CEO of Christian Services Inc., is a licensed and ordained minister who has grown up with a passion for helping hungry, hurt and lost people. He attended The University of Southern Mississippi and has a background in business and restaurant management. Returning to Christian Services Inc. in the ‘90s as director of operations, he has been fully devoted to the vision of reaching the community for Jesus. Prior to accompanying Jim in full-time ministry, his wife, Maggie, also worked in the food industry.

  • Meet Gerrell Payton: A Hub City man in his 13th year ringing the bell

    You can hear Gerrell Payton’s Salvation Army bell ringing out in the far reaches of the Walmart parking lot on Hwy. 98 West in Hattiesburg.

    Payton, who is the longest serving bell ringer in the Hub City at 13 years, has been on duty at his regular spot.

    Payton greeted customers with a hardy, “Hello, how are you?” as customers walked by, some in a hurry, some wrestling with youngsters while others were talking or texting on their mobile devices.

    He gave a heartfelt, “Thank you, Merry Christmas,” as they pushed a few bills or sprinkled some change in his red kettle.

  • MEET Marty Anklam: Purple Parrot's new chef

    The Purple Parrot has a new chef, only the sixth in its 32-plus years. Marty Anklam, who arrived on the scene in the spring, has had time to get his feet wet – having survived Mother’s Day and graduation weekends and a south Mississippi summer, helping launch a catering division and a new fall menu for the Parrot and feeding more than 600 at a recent fraternity tailgate at Mississippi State.

    A Mississippian by birth, his parents moved to Washington, D.C., when he was just 18 months old (not much say in that).

  • Top Chefs: Movie Star Restaurant

    Glenda Evans
    Glenda is 38 years old and is the daughter of Earlene and Glen Evans. She was born in Covington County but grew up in Purvis. She currently lives in Hattiesburg and has one daughter, Diamond, who is 11. Before coming to work at Movie Star Restaurant, Glenda worked at the Ward’s in Purvis. She has worked at Movie Star for 19 years. When she first was employed at Movie Star she started out washing dishes. She has worked every position in the kitchen from prep, to buffet runner, to fry cook and is currently one of three main chefs at the restaurant.

  • Eat like Celebrities at Movie Star

    All of the other groups went the standard (read: boring) route of explaining the Pythagorean theorem or SOHCAHTOA with some poster board and letters cut out from other colors of poster board. I convinced (read: refused to accept anything but) my group to do our project on spirals. That’s it. Just spirals. And we weren’t making a poster. We made a video.

  • Filmsnob: be Good for GooDness Sake! Nothing like a holiday horror movie

    It’s that time of year again for the go-to rotation of tired Christmas films. Leave Home Alone on the shelf and check this out. “Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale” is one of the best Christmas horrors to be released. Ever.

    The story is thrilling, interesting and exciting. Twists and turns along the way keep you constantly on your toes and the excellent cast keeps you invested. It’s a surprisingly smart take on Santa Claus and Christmas, one that doesn’t come across as a parody even though it has some well-placed humorous moments.

  • Noteworthy: Merry Christmas - Bing holds the record at 50 million copies

    After World War II, music consumption was at an all-time high with the industry making $10 million in 1945. Years of research at Columbia Records led to introduction of the new long-playing LP in 1948. While this format was introduced in both 10" (more familiar to classic 78 fans) and 12" (borrowed from the "soundtrack" records that played along with films in the theatre), by 1951 the MicroGroove 12" was the gold standard. Record company executives like Jim Conkling at Columbia saw the need to use the LP to at least try to satisfy the needs of every consumer possible.

  • Out with a bang: Look fabulous as you ring in the new year

    Hey there, fashionistas! Sorry for the hiatus! I’ve been a busy gal the last couple of months with a new job and planning a wedding, but I am happy to report that I am back! That being said, let’s jump right into this month’s column…

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