• Jim Coll: Straight to the Top

    In true public relations fashion, Jim Coll chooses his words carefully as he speaks. But when he does convey his thoughts, he’s passionate about his subjects – whether his family, his job, his co-workers, his university or the other subjects that are near and dear.
    As chief communications officer at The University of Southern Miss, Coll and his staff are always giving people the opportunity to tell their Southern Miss stories through the written word, videos, social media channels and the like. 
    But Coll has his own collection of stories – Southern Miss and otherwise. 

  • Ravic 'Doc' Ringlaben: Keeping the beat

    Ravic “Doc” Ringlaben
    Pretty cool name, huh?
    “Not when you’re six years old,” said the man most know as “Doc.”
    Ringlaben is German, while Ravic comes from a character’s name (a very accomplished German surgeon and a stateless refugee living in Paris) in the book, Arch of Triumph, by Erich Maria Remarque, who also wrote the more familiar, All Quiet on the Western Front. 

    The German Ringlabens came to Pennsylvania to mine the coal fields where Doc grew up near Hershey.

    He remained until he was 23 or 24.

  • Bryan Hicks: Mr. Funny Pants

    To hear Bryan Hicks tell it, it’s a good thing he grew up with a sharp sense of humor and a knack for making people laugh.

    “I’ve never really been good at anything but cracking wise,” he said. “I was not popular at all (as a kid) – chubby, weird, geek and everything – so the only way I was able to get a little leeway was to crack jokes and make people laugh.”

  • Storytellers

    Stories by Beth Bunch and Haskel Burns
    Photos by Rob Walker

    Three men. Three Paths. Three very different journeys. 

    Ravic 'Doc' Ringlaben

    Flyin' Bryan Hicks

    Jim Coll


  • Filmsnob: Toshiro Mifune

    “He was like the ocean. The ocean is boundless but sometimes very turbulent.”

    This month presents a golden opportunity in sharing my admiration for whom I consider the best actor ever, Toshiro Mifune. It's no secret that my favorite film genre is Chanbara, or samurai cinema. 

  • On The Record: Be Like Mik

    Ever wonder how someone goes about becoming a legend? Whatever you do, don’t ask Mik Davis.  

    Because he won’t have an answer for you. Like most truly influential people, the longtime manager at Hattiesburg’s T-Bones Records and Cafe is far too modest to accept the much-deserved praise he deserves for his efforts to make T-Bones a local landmark and cultural point of interest for the musically and artistically inclined.
    However, it’s in his actions, where we find his path to renown.

  • Noteworthy: Hey, DuDE!

    There are but a handful of words in our esteemed lexicon that have traveled the circuitous path from slang to colloquialism to vaunted positioning in the hallowed papyrus pages of the Oxford Dictionary. 

    "Cool" resides here possibly because of its panoply of meanings. Defined as "fashionably attractive or impressive," it still bears the dreaded "informal" moniker and places in third among meanings. (One of today's vast array of equivalents, "dank," still has its original definition still attached. Although "hangry" made it.)

  • It's a (wo)man's world: Bucket-list trip to the Galapagos Islands springs a leak amid the giant tortoises and blue-footed boobies

    We’d been warned about the Ecuadorian pickpockets, but not about the rocks. And ten days into the bucket-list trip we’d been dreaming of for months, my husband Doug and I were still giddy. The Amazon rainforest had been everything we’d expected—muggy, a little buggy, lush and exotic, day and night, and worth the trek for the bird and monkey sightings alone (though there was so much more!). Quito, Ecuador’s capital, had been a pleasant couple of days’ return to civilization—museums, chocolate tastings, and fine dining. Now we were in the Galapagos Islands!

  • HPSD Hattiesburg High Hall of Fame Class

    Fifteen distinguished alumni of Hattiesburg’s city schools will be inducted into the 2019 Hattiesburg Hall of Fame by the Hattiesburg Public School District Foundation.
    Inductees for the 2019 Class, the second-ever announced, come from fields of business, politics, education, healthcare, journalism, and sports.

  • Signature Q & A: Elijah Jones

    ELIJAH JONES is a Hattiesburg native and graduate of The University of Southern Mississippi. He lived in Los Angeles for 12 years, where he worked as manager for fitness expert Richard Simmons. From Hattiesburg, he was a writer for Simmons’ website. Now in a state of semi-retirement, Elijah spends part of his free time writing a bi-weekly column for ThePineBeltNEWS.  

    What is your idea of happiness? 
    Being with friends I love.

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