• Sebastian & Pam Blanchard: A love story

    It’s the type of unlikely love story that Hollywood screenwriters spend their entire careers dreaming about.

    They were a beautiful young couple straight out of Central Casting.

    She was a blonde bombshell. Born in Louisiana. Raised in Mississippi by a single mother who did her best to teach her three daughters to be strong, independent women.

    She was a brilliant student. A natural teacher – just like her mama. Sweet. Sassy. Brave.

    Hardworking with a heart of gold.

  • Prologue: It's that time again!

    February may be for lovebirds, but it’s also the perfect time to kick off our annual Best of the Pine Belt Award competition and show some love to all of our favorite people, places, and things.

    Now in the contest’s 11th year, Signature Magazine has proudly partnered with FestivalSouth since the very beginning and this year’s contest is back bigger and better than ever with several noteworthy improvements to the wildly popular annual contest.

  • World-premiere of new miniseries coming to Hattiesburg celebrating Black History Month

    Signature Magazine has teamed up with the Hattiesburg Saenger Theater, the 6th Street Museum District, and the City of Hattiesburg to present a special two-night event celebrating Black History Month.

    On the evening of Thursday, Feb. 27, a taste of Hollywood will come to the Hub City for the world premiere screening of Selma: The Untold Stories, a four-part limited series streaming soon on HULU, Amazon Prime, Apple TV, and YouTube TV.

  • Food with Friends: Twisted Skillet

    In our latest adventure, the Food with Friends crew ventured out to the Oak Grove community in West Hattiesburg for dinner at Twisted Skillet.

    Since Evan was busy being a comedian that evening, we invited our friend (and Brittany’s boyfriend) Jessie Vasser to join us for the food and good times along with our V.I.P. (Very Important Palate) for the month – the one and only Greg Prine.

    I ate at Twisted Skillet for the first time about two years ago with fellow foodie, Jamie Massengale. We went specifically to enjoy their popular salad bar for lunch. 

  • Filmsnob: ‘Tammy & the t-rex’

    Tammy and the T-Rex is one of those movies that you, a movie-renter in 1993, would see at your local Blockbuster, take one look at the box art, and immediately rent it because you knew it was going to be absolutely horrendous.

    Originally released as a romantic comedy, it revolves around Tammy, who would do anything to save her boyfriend Michael when his brain is transplanted into the body of a robotic Tyrannosaurus Rex by a mad scientist.

    Hilarious antics run rampant in this outing from director Stewart Raffill, the man behind 1988’s Mac & Me.

  • Noteworthy: finding THE ‘IN-BETWEEN’

    The Squid and The Whale is a Hattiesburg band like no other. None since. None before.

    On their new album Advanced Directives, the band demonstrates maturity but not in that assured way. Instead, the seven songs pull the band in different directions, sometimes all at once.

    However, no matter how they try to subvert or best what they created before, Advanced Directives works hardest to be fully-realized and uses imagery that exists within any time or place.

  • Fashion: A 'delicate' discussion

    Hosiery. Some folks hear that word and immediately think of their grandmother in her Sunday best with some sort of casserole dish and Bible in tow, headed to the church potluck. Fortunately, that’s not always the case. Anyone – at any age can, and should ­– accessorize with hosiery.

    While the weather is still very much unpredictable here in south Mississippi, there’s no reason to immediately put your dresses and shorts in the back of your closet (or dresser).

  • signature Q&A: Brandilyne Magnum-Dear

    BRANDIILYNE MANGUM-DEAR (Bb), is the pastor and founder of Joshua Generation Community Church, a radically inclusive and all affirming church in Hattiesburg. She and her wife, Susan Mangum, also own The Red Jasper, a metaphysical crystal shop. Bb and Susan believe that everyone should have a place to express their spirituality without fear or shame. Whether it be in a church or a metaphysical shop, everyone's spiritual walk is valid and important.

    What is your idea of happiness?
    Loving what I do and doing what I love.

  • Meet Your Neighbor: Anastasia Walrod

    The opportunity to study abroad as a freshman at The University of Southern Mississippi lit a fire inside 2019 graduate Anastasia Walrod to become more involved as an international volunteer.

    Enter the Peace Corps. Since last June Walrod has been serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in the African nation of Malawi. As part of the Peace Corps’ 27-month commitment policy, Walrod expects to be in Malawi until August 2021.

    At this moment, the Pass Christian, Miss., native can’t imagine living anywhere else.

  • Meet your neighbor: Bob Press

    An abiding love for Kenya and its people has drawn University of Southern Mississippi Associate Professor Bob Press back to the African nation to research past and present non-violent, human rights social movements.

    Press arrived in Nairobi, Kenya on August 1 of last year, along with his wife, Betty, who is a professional photographer. The couple plans to stay approximately one year. Bob spent eight years in Kenya previously working as a foreign correspondent for The Christian Science Monitor.

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